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Parenting Tips For Raising A Son

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Raising Sons
Raising a son in a disciplined yet independent way is a challenging task. In this day and age when kids do not accept concepts of unquestionable obedience to parents the question of how to raise children in the best way has become all the more pertinent. Now there are no standard or set rules for raising children; every parent makes and improvises upon their own rules. However, we can definitely say that there are different rule for raising boys and girls as children.

It not gender bias but recognising the specific and different needs of the two genders that we separate the two different processes of raising sons and daughters.

Tips For Raising A Son:

  • Until and unless the kids are about 10 years old, the parenting techniques for both boys and girls remain same. The only difference will be probably in the kind of toys they play with. But after the age of ten or may be 13 or 14 as boys reach their puberty later you have to tackle your boy in a different way.
  • The challenge of raising boys is that they are more prone to physical activity by virtue of their gender. They will play football and come home all muddy and even bloody. You cannot discourage the aggressive or adventurous streak in your boy but keep checks on it.
  • For instance, it is fine as long as he is playing football or any other sport but that should not mean that he bids farewell to studies. Moreover, the most crucial aspect of raising boys is to curb their violent streak if they have one. If your boy starts a fight then he should be corrected at once.
  • Some parents take pride in their son's violent behaviour because they feel that it will keep safe. What they miss is the fact this violence can be turned on any body, siblings, friends, teachers and even the parents themselves. So don't teach your son to settle fights outside the house and interfere if you have to.
  • In every family one parent has to play the role of the disciplinarian and the other the friend. Boys are closer to their mothers (the age old concept of Oedipus complex) so it is better for Mom to be strict and Dad to be a buddy. That is a very successful mantra of how to raise children tactfully.
  • The aspect of physical punishment becomes very important when it comes to raising boys. A good thrashing every now and then was supposed to be the golden rule of raising good boys the last century but parenting techniques have changed now.
  • The more you beat the child, the more he will imbibe that violence and it will cease to scare him beyond a point. Use a slap as an insult and not an injury to the child so that it remains a potent weapon of punishment in your hands.

Use these parenting tips for raising a son whom you can be proud of.

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Story first published: Thursday, October 27, 2011, 14:16 [IST]
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