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Dressing Kids Like Krishna For Janmashtami

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Since the janmashtami of lord krishna is here we have a fancy dress idea for kids. Both boys/girls look cute with the krishna dress on the hindu religious festival. The attire is not expensive and can be dressed easily in a few hours. Take a look at how to dress your kid like Krishna.

When you want to dress your kid fancifully, see to it that your child likes the dress and looks confident. With the dressing the mothers need to teach and tell their kids about the character, this will help the child to present the his/her role very well on stage. You need to help your child aim and win the competition and also prepare him saying that winning and losing is part of the game.

How To Dress Kids Like Krishna?

For the right costumes you need right accessories to get the perfect look. With the krishna costume, you would require jewellery, flute or a pot with butter to make your child look natural with the costume.

For the mythological character, making your child wear a wig or beard will not be a bad idea.

Here Is How To Dress Your Kids With Krishna Dress -

For Krishna Fancy Dress You Will Need :

1. Pitambar (Yellow Dhoti Preferably silk) with Shalya
2. Blue Food Color (chemical free)
3. Jewellery
4. Crown with a peacock feather (Mor Mukat)
5. Bansuri (Flute)
6. A Garland
7. Make up kit (optional)
8. Wig (optional)

How To Dress -

1. Dress your kid with dhoti by wrapping it around the waist and knotting it at the waist. You can even stitch it like a frilly pyjama and cover with shalya.
2. Make your kid wear a wig with the crown. Stick the peacock feather to the crown.
3. Stick your big stone bindis on the two ears so that it look like earrings.
4. Mix the food color with a moisturizer and apply all over the body.
5. Make him/her wear jewels and garland.
6. Apply a simple make up with little blush and eye shades. Add the tilak with red lipstick.
And your little krishna is now ready!

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