Dealing Hyperactive Kids – Parenting Tips

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Hyper Active Kids
Festive occasions, parties or even weekends, it is extremely difficult to deal with hyperactive kids. They tend to make a lot of mischief, break things and test the temperament of the parents. Scolding may seem a ready option but that cannot help them change the overactive behaviour. Take a look to know how to deal the hyperactivity in kids. Here are some simple parenting tips.

Dealing Hyperactive Kids And Their Tantrums

1. Get Strict – Make sure your kid knows that you don't like a certain things that he does. Chalk out the rules and paste it on his room entrance. Do not smile and admire the mischief he does as it may get too out of control. Ask your family members to maintain the same strictness in your absence. Having an eye contact, making him repeat the advices you gave him will control the kid tantrums.

2. Maintain Discipline – Children learn habits from parents so set a routine for everything and stick to it. His play time, study time, eating and sleeping time needs to have a good time plan and asked to follow it without any miss. This makes the kid busy and engage all through the day giving no chance for mischief.

3. Get Creative – In his free time, make the kid read book like the way you do or engage in some creative work. Painting, singing or playing instruments will keep hyperactive kids busy and help them calm down. Also taking him to parks, swimming and other entertainment will help him enjoy and play as much as he wants (until all the energy drains out).

4. Exercise – Since your child is too energetic, you can make him exercise as this will help him stay fit as well as calm down his hyper behaviour. Simple aerobics will be interesting with the music. If your child likes watching TV, make him build blocks or write handwriting books while watching as he will definitely be capable of doing multiple things at a time.

Do not shout or physically abuse hyperactive kids as that may make them more mischievous and stubborn. Stay calm and make them relax by encouraging every craft work or any good things they learn and do.

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Story first published: Tuesday, October 25, 2011, 15:45 [IST]
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