Making Kids Focus, Organise & Be Attentive

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Children need to be active, smart and attentive. The lack of concentration will not only make them lazy but also lag behind in studies. As parents we need to be effective in nurturing our child's future as the right foundation will result in a strong and planned career. Kids need to be tought to organise which will lead to focus and that will finally make them always attentive.

As many learned and experienced people say, only a great listener can be a successful individual so attentiveness is very important and needs to come in children from small. Take a look at the tips for effective parenting and about how to help kids to organise, focus and be attentive.

Help Kids To Be Organised, Focused & Attentive

1. 1-2-3 Call – Kids need to know when you expect them to do things write a way so 1-2-3 call helps. Say, for example, you asked your kid to clean up and organise his toys. When you come back and see the place with the same mess, you need to start the countdown which will hurry up the kid to clear it before you utter the last number (3).

2. Avoid Distractions – When you ask your kid to clean, see to it that you switch off the television and other distractors that will make your kid to pretend to be watching. The moment he will know how serious you are, he will listen to you and get focused on work. As parents, learn to sacrifice your entertainment to make your kids feel that studies and disciplined lifestyle is more important than the timepass teleshows.

3. Be Strict About Cleanliness – When you pose rules to brush teeth twice daily, leave footwear out and eat only in the dining area, your children will learn to follow and get practiced with hygiene habits. Being clean will make him think different and come up with innovative things as he will be attentive all day long.

4. Play With Them – Whenever free, try to play games like carom board, chess that requires your kid to focus and be attentive. Laying the board and arranging pawns will help him to get organised. These games are trully intelligent games. Swimming and adventure sports will also make kids active.

5. Never shout or complain when your kid doesn't listen to you. Be a strict parent and show how pleased you will be when he listens to you. Love and care to children will build confidence in them to face, focus and get organised. Remember! Children always do what their parents do so learn to be organised before you command them.

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Story first published: Friday, December 2, 2011, 14:42 [IST]
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