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How To Help Kids Make Friends? - Parenting Tips

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Kids Make Friends
If you want your children to be independent and get matured with the age, then you should help them make friends. It is the friends that make your kids happy, help learn about being together and share things. Today, we will help our readers to guide their children in being friendly and help them get social.

It is proved that children who have friends have better knowledge about life and are more confident to face challenges than those who like being alone. Here are some simple ways for bigger benefits.

Help Kids To Make Friends

1. Organise a party at home – There may be many children in your neighbourhood and your kid may not not be aware so invite them home and help them get to know each other. Prepare some tasty snacks, organise games and make them feel happy with the new company. Stop your child if he is playing on a computer or video game as they are the worst anti social tools.

2. Teach games that generally involve too many children – Hide and seek, scrabble are a few games that require too many people to play. Playing together helps children to sacrifice win for their friendship. Mature ideas like these are imbibed through playing games. Scrabble also helps in learning the language better.

3. Allow your child to come back home with other kids – Do not treat him like a celeb and pick him up and drop him to school. Help him do things independently. Allow him to take his bus with friends and come back with the group. This will keep him engaged, help him get ready all by himself and leave to school. As parents, even you will have some free time for other work.

4. Encourage Combine Study – Your kid wants to study with his friend, allow him to do as it will help to build a good friendship. Studying alone will make him get bored and develop disinterest towards subjects.

5. Teach Your child To Share And Care - Always prepare snacks for the group, this will make him share and care his friends. Remember that a family that eats together lives together and friendship is also as strong as a family in terms of relationship. Help your child read books like malgudi days and harry potter series that talk about friendship and togetherness.

These parenting tips will help you guide your child to make friends with ease. Memories are always pleasant if it is with friends so imbibe the same qualities and watch your child have a good time with his friends circle.
As parents, even you are his best pals so allow him to be as friendly and open as he his with his friends. That's the way you maintain a good relationship with kids.

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Story first published: Monday, November 28, 2011, 16:44 [IST]
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