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How To Teach Kids To Burst Fireworks?

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Burst Fireworks Kids
What you need most to burst fireworks other than patience and caution is skill. Every fire cracker has some points of skill that sets it apart from the others. Mostly we learn these skills by trial and error but when it is the case of your kid's safety then you cannot leave it to chance. So for Diwali 2011 you need to teach your kid some basic tricks to burst fire works so that they do not make any fatal mistakes. Rewind to the times when you were a kid and refresh your memory for the points you need to teach them.

If your memory fails you then here are some of the tricks necessary for your kids safety. Make sure your kids use these safety tips for Diwali 2011.

Tricks For Bursting Fireworks:

1. Sparklers are mostly harmless but you need to hold them away from your body. Tell your kid to stretch out their arm while they make fire rings with circling sparklers. Also remind them to check that they don't hold out their arm near another kid's body.

2. It is not advisable for kids to burst rockets but if your kid has to then teach them how to use a bottle to do the same. Take a glass bottle (it cannot be plastic bottle because it won't have weight and metal will heat up) and place the rocket in its mouth. Now use a ignited essence stick to light the rocket wick. Do not use sparklers because you won't get to know when the wick ignites.

3. Another important tip to burst fireworks that fly into the air is to light them only under open air. Do not light sky rockets inside residential complexes because they may get into people's houses or hit electric wires over head. Even flower pots should be lighted with some margin of aerial space.

4. If your kid is bursting fireworks like discus (chakhis) then make sure they do so on even ground. If the surface on which you light a discus is uneven then it will spin out of control. It might move towards your kid or the other kids around. Also light discuses only when there is space or else it might make the hem of somebody's clothes catching fire.

5. If your kid is bursting a pencil sparkler (rang mashal) then you need to be very careful. You will be surprised to know that these seemingly harmless crackers cause many accidents. Even if there is a minor air gap, they can burst. So stick it at the end of a rod and then let your kid see it burn.

6. Train your kid not to dispose burned crackers irresponsibly. Burned out crackers especially sparklers remain hot for a long time. Keep a bucket of cold water where this debris can be disposed.

Use these parenting tips mentioned above to ensure your kid's safety and that of others this Diwali 2011.

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Story first published: Tuesday, October 25, 2011, 15:13 [IST]
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