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Pros & Cons Of Mobile Phones With Children

Pros Cons Mobile Phones
With sudden increase in technology, children are becoming more engrossed with the latest gadgets and gizmos. For instance the mobile phone, which is the greatest and easiest form of electrical communication, is making its mark in today"s society.

Modern aged parents are not sure if this form of communication is wise for their children to possess.

Before you gift the latest mobile phone to your son/daughter think of its pros and cons.

Pros of mobile phones and children

1. This increases responsibility. If your child is the owner of a cell phone it will give him/her an idea of responsibility. If you are a parent to a teenager, make him/her do a small part time job so that they can pay for their own mobile bill. Give in the idea of saving up money which can also be used to pay their tiny bills.

2. Interactions- If your child is an introvert type of person, a cell phone maybe the answer for them to get rid of this feeling of being alone. It will help them make new friends and moreover, there are phones which have the latest multimedia facilities which help the child get to know more about the internet world.

3. Child"s safety- For every parent, their child"s safety is a top priority. The use of a mobile phone is thus advantage as it helps the parent"s be aware of their children and their movements. Cell phones are coming up with the latest technology. The GPS system is one such facility which is helpful for the parent as it helps them trace their child through the mobile phone.

Cons of mobile phones and children

1. Long bills- This is a common situation that most parents go through. Before you gift a mobile phone to your child make sure that you explain to him/her the monetary implications. They have to be aware that a cell phone comes with a price to pay.

2. Monitor The Cell Phones- This sure is an invasion to privacy. But it is good that the parent monitors their child"s mobile phone once in a while. Children are innocent and fancy things inspire them.

3. Expensive Gadgets- It is advisable not to buy your child an expensive cell phone as it will draw unwanted attention from desperate people who would want to possess the gadget your child owns. This in turn will harm your child.

Keeping these tips in mind, make sure you make a right decision and think wisely before you invest to buy a mobile phone for your child.

Story first published: Monday, October 4, 2010, 16:58 [IST]
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