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What Happens If You Take Contraceptive Pills When Pregnant?


Of course, nobody would use birth control in first trimester if they knew that they're pregnant. In rare cases, pregnancy may also occur while one is using oral contraceptives.

In such a case, you may not even know that you are pregnant and may continue taking contraceptives.

But once you realise that you are pregnant, you may worry whether the contraceptives you have taken have done any harm to the foetus.

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Health experts say that in some cases, women tend to use birth control pills during the first trimester without knowing.


Is It Dangerous?

Currently, there isn't sufficient evidence to say that birth control pills do significant damage to the foetus.


Do Hormones Harm Foetus?

Many women think that the hormones of the oral contraceptives could cause birth defects. Actually, it is better to immediately stop taking the contraceptives.

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What Health Experts Say?

Health experts claim that the risk of ectopic pregnancy may increase if a woman takes progestin pill unknowingly after getting pregnant.


What Are The Risks?

Though many think that the risk of preterm birth, low-birth weight and defects in the urinary system of the foetus may increase, health experts claim that the risk is very low.


Why Consult A Doctor?

Though the risks are very low, it is advisable to rush to the doctor and get yourself tested if you think that you are pregnant and have used contraceptives.

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The risk of those pills harming the foetus is very low. Even the risk of miscarriage is very low. But still consult a doctor.