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Visitor Rules To Follow Before Visiting A Newborn


You've just given birth and the whole world you know wants to pay a visit. Overwhelmed?

Visiting a newborn baby is quite an awesome experience for relatives and friends, which is why the new parents have to be geared up and ready to also decline a few guests who want to come over without informing.

Today, Boldsky lists out a few golden rules every visitor must follow before paying a visit to see the new arrival of the family along with the doting new parents. It is only basic etiquette that you need to follow.

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The standard advice for new parents to follow is to limit visits. It may sound easy, but it becomes tough to indirectly tell your cousins and friends to head out, as you want to rest a little.

For new mums, you should get your sound rest during the day while the baby is sleeping. Refrain from answering too many phone calls and messages and make sure that you set a time limit to answering the anxious visitors.

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For new mums and dads, never hesitate to say that your busy with the new arrival. This new chapter in your life is a gigantic turn, so you will need all the help in the world from each other's strength.

Guests and family, on the other hand, be patient with the new family. Give them some time and space before paying a visit to see the bundle of joy.

So, here are some of the 7 golden rules to follow before looking into those eyes of a newborn, take a look and do follow these:


Call To Inform:

This one call will save you and the host from a lot of trouble. It is always nice to call the new parents before turning up on their door step. They might be busy, or at the doctor's, so giving them a buzz is ideally the best thing to do.


Give A Hygiene Thought:

Before your excitement hits the top button, as soon as you step into the baby's house, wash your hands and feet. In this way, you will avoid carrying any infection to the newborn.


Don't Show Up If You're Sick:

If you are unwell, it is best to stay away from the newborn, as your infection can make the newborn sick in no time. Visit the baby and the new mother after you are completely healed.


Talk Like A Lady:

When you visit the newborn, act like a lady. Speak in a low tone as you don't want to wake up a sleeping baby, neither do you want to disturb a very cranky and hormonal new mum.


Offer To Help:

If the new mum is your close buddy or your cousin, don't hesitate to ask her if she needs any help. If you do offer your helping hand, she will be all the more thankful and grateful to you.


Bring Gifts That Are Useful:

It is not in good taste to visit the home of new parents empty handed. But, at the same time, don't waste money on a bunch of flowers. Buy things that will be useful to the new mother or the baby. Wet wipes, diapers and woolen clothing are some of the options to keep in mind.


Few Things To Remember:

  • Keep your phone on silent. Don't take a picture of the baby, until the parents give you a green signal.
  • Avoid wearing too much of perfume, as it can affect the baby, making him/her to feel suffocated.
  • Don't carry the baby without the knowledge of the parents. Ask and then go ahead.
  • Don't stay for long hours. There are a whole lot of things that the new parents need to do around the house.
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