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Shocking Myths About Infertility You Must Read!

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As many of us may realise, infertility is a health condition just like any other, and so, there are a lot of facts and myths that surround infertility!

Imagine how devastated you would be when you cannot get something you have wanted for a long time, well, infertility is a condition in which a person is unable to have children, which can be a huge blow to the person's emotional state.

Most of us, after a certain age, yearn to have children in order to add more purpose to our lives and also to have a complete family.

So, when a person finds out that he/she is infertile or is unable to produce an offspring, he/she can feel extremely let down. Some may even do everything they can to get their infertility treated, in order to have kids.

People with infertility are often mislead by certain myths that surround this disorder, making their emotional state more worse!

So, it is important to know the difference between actual facts and myths, when it comes to infertility.

Therefore, here is a list of shocking myths about infertility that you must know, have a look.


1. “Getting Pregnant Is Easy”

A myth about infertility is that people feel that it is easy for most people to have kids, it is just the infertile ones who have problems. However, even fertile, healthy people may not be able to conceive when they wish to!


2. “Only Women Are Infertile”

Causes for infertility are varied and they can affect both men and women, equally. Men can have problems with their sperm count, testicles, etc., which can cause infertility.


3. “It's All In The Head”

Reasons for infertility are definitely not a psychological one. Abnormalities in the reproductive organs, hormones, etc., can cause infertility in people.


4. “Try Harder, You Will Succeed”

Many infertile couples are advised to have frequent intercourse, eat healthy, etc., in order to get pregnant sooner; however, medical intervention is required, otherwise, the problem may remain untreated.


5. “Adoption Will Help You Get Pregnant”

Yes, this bizarre myth about infertility still exists. Many people are told that if they adopt a child, the couple will eventually have a child of their own!


6. “Childless Couples Can't Be Happy”

Contrary to this presumptuous myth about infertility, many childless couples find a way to remain happy and find joy with other things in life!


7. “Husbands Leave Infertile Wives”

This is another ridiculous myth about infertility. If the couple shares a strong bond, infertility will not be a cause for their separation!

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Story first published: Wednesday, September 14, 2016, 15:04 [IST]
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