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How Couples Need To Handle Infertility

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Today, infertility rates have become higher compared to the past decades. Certain estimates say that at least, one among eight couples tend to suffer this problem some or the other time.

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Firstly, one may need to digest the fact that it is no longer an uncommon issue. The changing lifestyles and many other factors have played a role in increasing the prevalence of infertility in both men and women.

Also, one may need to realize that fertility or infertility occurs in certain phases of a person's life. And again, lots of factors like age and lifestyle habits play a role in it.

A lot could be done if the real reasons behind infertility are identified and this is why couples may need to seek medical help instead of accepting failure if normal methods never work.

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Also, there is a psychological aspect that has to be dealt with. Let us discuss how couples can deal with it.


Self Esteem

Though infertility impacts self-esteem, when one discovers that life is not only about being fertile, one may gradually come of out of the depressive thoughts. Others around us have ingrained certain ideas about fertility and made us think that the only goal in life is giving birth. It is up to us to accept such ideas or reject them.


Birth Experience

Many men and women feel that experiencing the feeling of giving birth is the only worthy feeling in life. Though it's a great pleasure, one can also get the same feeling by giving life to an orphan. In fact, that is a bigger favour one can do to the planet earth.



Our ideas of legacy generally come from our ego and collective ego. After we leave this planet, there is no way of knowing what happens in your family. So, couples may stop taking such ideas seriously.



Though it is true that couples who have children have more chances of sticking to each other for a lifetime, it is better to rely on love to get more stability in your married relationship.


Medical Help

Today, technology has developed in leaps and bounds and many new procedures have been introduced to enhance fertility rates. Couples may need to increase their awareness before giving up completely.



Men generally feel worthy when they earn well and women may feel worthy when they give birth to a baby. They are healthy feelings but still, one may need to rise above such ideas when certain health conditions don't support fertility.


Lifestyle Changes

When lifestyle conditions are the reason behind infertility, couples may need to quickly make certain changes to regain their fertility. Only a doctor can identify such a situation and therefore, couples may need to visit one without shying away from discussing everything with a doctor.

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