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Factors That Affect Female Fertility

By: Ajanta Sen

Becoming a mother is probably the most powerful dream of every woman. She wants to give birth to at least one child in her lifetime.

As per the opinion of the elderly people, becoming a mother completes the cycle of womanhood. This achievement keeps the families alive, as the generations proceed further.

However, it is true that this remains as a dream for some women who cannot become mothers.

As a matter of fact, the act of becoming a mother is entirely based on certain biological factors, and every woman needs to meet those biological factors.

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Before discussing the possible factors that promote female fertility, it is important to know what fertility is all about. Fertility is defined as a woman's capacity to conceive a child, and bring him/her into this life.

While talking about the factors that promote female fertility, one needs to know about all the factors that affect the body of a girl that make her capable to conceive and bear a child.

Following are some of the factors that promote female fertility. Every woman must know them well, so that she can avoid them to get her dream of becoming a mother come true.

Factors that do not Promote Female Fertility

This is one of the main factors that promotes female fertility adversely. Obesity is a disease that makes a person carry an excessive amount of weight in the body.

This hinders the normal lifestyle, and that is harmful for the women, as it does not bring them a normal pregnancy. The DGOs always suggest their female patients to reduce their weight if they are serious about becoming a mother ever.

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Age Factor:
Increasing age can be a negative factor for motherhood. Usually, age between 23 years and 40 years is ideal for getting pregnant and to bear a child. Every married couple must decide on getting their children within this age period.

Factors that do not Promote Female Fertility

Interest In Sexual Activities:
It is found that many women do not have interest towards having sexual relationships with their partners. They are 'sexually cold', and that can be one of the major factors that promote fertility adversely. It is a biological fact and it has been proved time and again.

Health Of The Husband:
This is a vital factor that the husbands often deny, as it becomes a matter of prestige for them. The incapable husbands cannot satisfy the sexual needs of their wives, and that leaves them incomplete. This hampers the completeness of the intercourse.

Factors that do not Promote Female Fertility

Household Chemicals:
Though many people do not pay any heed towards this, experts usually believe that it is one of the main factors that promotes fertility adversely.

These chemicals are used to clean/disinfectant bathrooms and other parts of the homes. These emit certain harmful gaseous compounds that can be harmful for the fertility among women.

Factors that do not Promote Female Fertility

Medical tests reveal that smoking and alcoholism indeed creates problems in conceiving a child. The harmful effects of nicotine in the cigarettes leave a harmful impact on the DNA factors and also on the reproductory system of the females, and therefore this may lead to infertility.

Most of these factors are serious enough to attract the attention of the people, especially the women. They must understand the seriousness of these factors that promote female fertility adversely.

If you have a strong passion for becoming a mother, you must keep these pointers in your mind and try not to get overpowered by them ever.

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Story first published: Wednesday, July 20, 2016, 17:15 [IST]
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