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Can Diet Prevent Gestational Diabetes?

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A new study claims that making certain lifestyle changes like increasing physical activity and following a healthy diet can also reduce the chances of suffering gestational diabetes.

Can Diet Prevent Gestational Diabetes1

Gestational diabetes occurs during pregnancy. It may actually increase the risk of obesity in the baby. Both obesity and gestational diabetes of the mother could affect the health of the child in the future.

Can Diet Prevent Gestational Diabetes?2

Healthy lifestyle habits could reduce the risk of gestational diabetes by 39%, says a research. After observing more than 300 cases closely, researchers came to this conclusion.

Can Diet Prevent Gestational Diabetes3

The women who participated were asked to follow a diet and an exercise routine and were kept under observation. The results proved that the risk of gestational diabetes reduced with a healthy lifestyle.

Can Diet Prevent Gestational Diabetes4

Also, the weight gains due to pregnancy were a bit lower in those women compared to another group which didn't follow any diet or exercise routines.

Can Diet Prevent Gestational Diabetes5

So, health experts recommend a healthy lifestyle and some kind of physical activity to women who have a risk of suffering gestational diabetes. As prevention is better than cure, it helps you to take the necessary measures on time.

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Story first published: Sunday, May 22, 2016, 18:56 [IST]
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