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Best Natural Foods For Recovery After An Abortion

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If you are a woman who has had the devastating experience of going through an abortion or a miscarriage recently, then you must ensure that you recover well by consuming some of the best foods after an abortion.

Having an abortion due to various reasons like not being ready for a child, not being old enough to have a child, lack of a stable partner, fear of passing on certain diseases to your child is quite common.

And also, miscarriages that happen on their own, when a woman is pregnant, due to certain health complications can also occur.

Whether it is an abortion or a miscarriage, the fact is that your body loses a lot of blood and nutrients during this time and your health is at risk, so a good diet must be followed after an abortion.

There are certain healthy foods that can be consumed after an abortion, in order to recoup. One must follow certain healthy diet tips after an abortion or a miscarriage.

So, if you want to gain back good health after an abortion, follow these healthy diet tips, have a look below.


1. Milk

Healthy foods to consume after an abortion include milk, as milk is rich in proteins and minerals that can restore the lost nutrients to your body, after an abortion.


2. Ghee

Healthy after-abortion diet tips include adding ghee to your diet, as ghee is rich in omega-3 fatty acids that help in rebuilding the lost blood and fat tissues quickly.


3. Turmeric

You can add turmeric to your milk and foods to consume after an abortion, as turmeric comes with anti-inflammatory property, which can ease away the pain and swelling.


4. Ginger

Foods to eat after a miscarriage include ginger, as ginger comes with healing properties that can strengthen the immune system after a miscarriage and prevent certain infections.


5. Saffron

You can add saffron to your milk or to the dishes you consume, after an abortion, as saffron has the ability to nourish your body and restore back certain vitamins and minerals.


6. Dates

Healthy foods to consume after an abortion include dates, as they are rich in iron content and can help boost the production of red blood cells to reverse blood loss.


7. Flax Seeds

Healthy foods to eat after an abortion also include flax seeds, as they are extremely good for a healthy uterus and also in providing a stronger immune system.

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Story first published: Monday, August 29, 2016, 13:48 [IST]
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