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7 Bad Habits To Stop Before Getting Pregnant

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Are you a woman who is planning on having a baby in the near future? If yes, then you need to prepare your body for pregnancy and childbirth and so, you need to quit a few bad habits before pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a very sensitive phase of a woman's life, in which her body is going through a lot of changes, both internally and externally.

During pregnancy, a woman's body has to prepare itself to carry another human being for nine whole months, provide nourishment to the unborn baby, protect it and also enable the foetus to have a healthy growth.

In order to carry on all the above-mentioned functions during pregnancy, a woman's body needs to be in good health and to achieve that the woman must make sure that she is following a healthy lifestyle.

Along with following a healthy diet, exercise routine and consuming foods that help promote a healthy pregnancy, a woman should also cut down or quit certain vices during or before pregnancy that can harm her and her unborn child.

Here is a list of habits to quit before getting pregnant, have a look.


1. Smoking

The effects of smoking before and during pregnancy can be extremely harmful for the woman and also to her baby's developing lungs. Smoking can also make conception harder.


2. Alcohol

A habit to quit before getting pregnant is consumption of alcohol. Alcohol consumption during pregnancy can be extremely harmful and may lead to miscarriage and foetal alcohol syndrome.


3. Certain Medications

Another habit to quit before getting pregnant is to avoid popping in certain pills or medication that can harm your pregnancy. Talk to your doctor about the medications you are on, before trying to conceive.


4. Caffeine

A research study has suggested that drinking caffeinated drinks in excess like coffee, energy drinks, etc., can increase the risk of a miscarriage and premature birth.


5. Sugary Foods

Yet another habit to quit before getting pregnant is the consumption of sugary foods, as this habit can increase the risk of diabetes in both the mother and child.


6. Over-Exercising

Some women who are into fitness practices tend to overexercise. This habit may increase the risk of conception and even cause miscarriages.


7. Stress

Getting stressed out often is another habit that needs to be avoided while trying for a child, as stress can cause a whole array of problems if you are trying to get pregnant.

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Story first published: Thursday, September 15, 2016, 15:43 [IST]
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