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What Women Should Do Before Getting Pregnant

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What women should do before getting pregnant, is important for the baby as well as for the to-be mother. Since 90 percent of the pregnancies are unplanned, it is important for the mother to keep a regular check on her health on a day-to-day basis.

Getting an ovulation test beforehand, checking through nutritionists if you're following a balanced diet or not and staying in shape are some of the most important things to get done before planning a pregnancy.

If these three things are not on your list, conceiving can be extremely difficult.

On the other hand, modern women are prone to a stressful kind of lifestyle that undoubtedly effects them from becoming a mother. Keeping stress at bay and looking at life in a positive happy mode can surely enhance your chance of becoming a mother.

Gynaecologists suggest that women who are planning to start a family, should make note of these things to do before getting pregnant. At first, it may not look very important, but when you take a look at its necessity and how it helps you to have a safe and happy pregnancy, you will definitely follow these pregnancy-related tips. So, here is what you need to do ladies, take a look.


Plan A Doctor Visit

Before planning a pregnancy, it is important to visit a gynaecologist. The doctor will undertake certain tests to determine if the womb is ready for pregnancy or not. It is best to take help from an expert, so that you are not confronted with miscarriages and other pregnancy problems.


Is Your Folate Level Good?

Folate is a necessary element required for pregnancy. A woman's folic acid or folate should be at a good level in order for her to get pregnant as planned.


Is Iodine A Part Of Your Diet?

One of the things women should do before getting pregnant is to get their iodine levels checked in the body. A good iodine level in the mother will help in the foetus's brain development and nervous system development, before and after the baby's birth.


Stop That Puff!

Smoking can tamper your chances of conceiving. If you fail to quit this bad habit right before pregnancy, your child can suffer from certain physical deformities. Smoking will also increase the risk of miscarriages, pre-term delivery, weak immune system and obesity in childhood.


No To Coloured Drinks

Alcohol should be prohibited for women before they get pregnant. Consuming alcohol can bring harm to the foetus. Alcohol will damage the baby's brain, interfere with its motor skills, heart, lungs and other organs. Therefore, it is suggested that you refrain from drinking alcohol 3 months before you plan for a baby.


Limit That Caffeine

Coffee is not recommended for women to consume, if they are planning to get pregnant. Consumption of caffeine can lower the chance of conception. It can also lead to miscarriages, therefore, it is best to avoid drinking coffee just when you plan for a baby.


Forget About Those Drugs

There are certain drugs having properties that can affect the lining of the womb. When these drugs are popped in, conceiving can become extremely difficult. Therefore, if it is not a prescribed medication, it is best to put an end to such harmful drugs that stand in the way of your pregnancy.


Time To Get Healthy

One of the things women should do before getting pregnant is to ensure that they are healthy from both the mind and body perspectives. Keeping stress at bay and maintaining a healthy BMI or weight is important before conceiving.

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