Why Modern Women Are Not Getting Pregnant?

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Have you been trying with all your might to get pregnant and were not able to? Well, it could be due to a few medical reasons. If you are seeking medical attention, this problem will be resolved in time.

However, experts state that the environment, mental and physical illnesses too play an important role in delaying pregnancy. Couples who are under high amounts of stress should seek the help from a therapist, as stress is one of the many reasons reasons why you're not getting pregnant.

Pregnancy Problems To Look Out For

Apart from stressed out women, women who are obese, who are exposed to chemical environments, who are into bad habits like smoking and drinking are also prone to late or no chances of getting pregnant. Women should take complete control of their health if they want to start a family. Men too play an important role when it comes to pregnancy and in some cases, it is the male who has the problem too. Checking the sperm count and quality before trying to conceive should be on your list.

Handling Heart Problems During Pregnancy

Here are some reasons why you're not getting pregnant. You might want to take a look at these problems and find a solution. Take a look:


Exposed To Bad Habits

Smoking damages the ovulation cycle in women, and so does alcohol. These two bad habits define a modern woman, which is one of the reasons why you're not getting pregnant.



Women who are still nursing one child may have trouble conceiving another one, as it impacts ovulation.


Too Much Of Exercise

A study found that women who are of a normal-weight and who exercised vigorously for more than five hours a week, might have a hard time getting pregnant.


Taking Birth Control

If women are continuously on birth control it becomes difficult for her to conceive when she wants to. Birth control pills change the hormonal balance which is why you are not getting pregnant.


Its Thyroid

Hypothyroid and hyperthyroid if not medically treated can interfere with a woman periodical and ovulation cycle thus reducing her chances of having a baby.


Caffeine Intake

Studies have shown, that too much of coffee will affect the muscle contractions in the uterus. This affects the process when the eggs travel from the ovaries to the womb.


Sexual Problems

Today, women have multiple partners and this habit is one of the reasons why getting pregnant is becoming tough. Multiple sexual contacts bring upon nasty diseases like chlamydia and gonorrhea which cause damage to the reproductive organs.


Medical History

Being terminally ill and on high dose of medication can affect family planning. Women who are suffering from autoimmune diseases should consult their doctor and seek help on how to get pregnant.

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