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Sperm Zapping: A Contraceptive Method For Men

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Sperm Zapping
There are many birth control methods. From pills to condoms to IUDs intrauterine device, there are many contraceptive methods to avoid pregnancy. Women are more common users of birth control pills and men are more into using condoms to have a protected lovemaking session. There are several birth control methods for women but even men can contribute to the contraception process. Apart from condoms and vasectomy process, a new thing has come out that acts as a birth control method for men.

Sperm Zapping is the new contraceptive method that has been introduced for men. Ultrasound cuts down the sperm and prevents the woman from conceiving.

What is sperm zapping?

According to a study conducted on the rats, small doses of ultrasound when applied on the testicles of the rats showed a stop in the production of sperms. When compared to rats, men will not stop producing but become infertile. It is similar to vasectomy. This is nothing scary as it is not permanent. You can have this vasectomy reversed by injecting a shot. A second injection will flush out the gel that has affected your sperm count. Within few days, you will be fertile again.

How is sperm zagging done?

A doctor injects a gel in the ductus deferens (vas deferens) of the man. Vas deferens is a tube through which the sperm flows from the testis to the penis. Injecting this gel stops the sperm flow and prevents it from coning out. That is why, men can use it as a natural birth control method. This process is similar to vasectomy. The only difference it, the vas deferens is not tied or cut out, just an shot is injected in the sperm tube.

The sperm zagged is not permanent contraceptive method for men. Whenever you think that you are ready to extend your family, you can try this new method. Researchers are still studying the process. Till now, this birth control method for men does not have side effects but, it is better to consult your doctor before taking a shot on the sensitive body organ!

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Story first published: Saturday, June 16, 2012, 11:31 [IST]
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