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Emotionally Prepare Man Pregnancy
When you decide to get pregnant and extend your family, you have to mentally prepare yourself. Sometimes, a woman is scared about the pregnancy but men are more scared and worried than women. To prepare a man emotionally for pregnancy, you have to build trust and faith. What other ways should be used to emotionally prepare your man for pregnancy? Check out...

Confidence: Men get scared of your pregnancy as it increases their responsibilities. Preparing for the baby and saving money for a bright future of the child can stop the man from accepting your need to get pregnant. You have to assure him that the relationship will become more strong and having a baby is important. Explain him that this child would look after you all in future and help you in your old days.

Prepare: When you decide to get pregnant, you prepare yourself physically and mentally. The same is applicable to men. You have to prepare your man emotionally and make him strong with the mutual decision before moving ahead. You have to also check if you can afford to grow and care for the baby with basic or best amenities or not. Even age and time plays and important role in preparing yourself. The right age and perfect ovulation time can help you get pregnant fast without stressing much.

Imagine: If you try this way, you can try a lot to emotionally prepare your man for the pregnancy. For few days, play the game imagining that you have a kid now. This way, he will know how to manage things, care for the baby and you.

Tests: This is a crucial step before you plan to get pregnant. After you emotionally prepare your man for the pregnancy, you have to go for some tests to see if you both have some infections or disease. Complications in pregnancy can be really dangerous for your wife and baby. So consult your doctor and get the tests.

These are the easy ways to prepare your man emotionally for the pregnancy. Avoid being forceful. It is very important to have a mutual decision before you get pregnant.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 17, 2012, 12:16 [IST]
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