What Is Better - Vaginal Delivery Or Cesarean Birth?

Posted By: Gowri Nandini
Childbirth or delivery is a procedure that ends the gestation or pregnancy period. The procedure results with the birth of a newborn infant from a woman's uterus. Normally delivery of a baby happens through the vagina. However, if there are any complications involved, a surgical procedure called c-section or cesarean birth is done.

These days many women are opting for a surgical way or cesarean birth. But is it really safe to give birth using an artificial method? Pregnancy is a natural process, thus, childbirth too should be a natural process.

What is normal & c-section delivery?

Vaginal delivery happens through the birth canal of the mother. Here, there are three stages involved. In the first the birth canal dilate and the uterine muscles begin an expulsion movement. The second stage culminates with the birth of the baby. The last stage involves expelling the placenta and cutting the umbilical cord, as well as feeding the baby with the important colostrum.

C-section or cesarean involves surgery of the abdomen and cutting opening the uterus to deliver the baby. Once the baby and the placenta are delivered the uterus is sutured.

Differences between normal & c-section delivery:

Now that we are aware about both the procedures, we have can now have a look at the pros and cons of both the methods. When a woman opts to give birth through vaginal delivery, she has to endure labour pain. The pain might last for up to 36 hours or lesser too. But, once the delivery is over, then pain subsides completely. One of the most important benefit of vaginal delivery. The mother can get back to her normal work, by the next day or latest after a couple of days. Since there is no surgery involved, she does not have to make frequent trips to the hospital. The newborn is completely matured before birth, has stronger lungs and is completely healthy.
The cost of the delivery too is very less when compared to a cesarean delivery. Post-natal care is easier after a vaginal delivery.

Cesarean delivery on the other hand should be opted only if there are very serious complications involved in the birth procedure. If you are only worried about enduring the labour pain, drive away your fears, as the surgery involved in the cesarean only gets rid of the labour pain. Due to the surgery, you will have to endure more pain after the surgery, causing a lot of hindrance to your normal activities. You won't be able to give complete attention to your baby, instead you will be concentrating more on healing yourself. The expenses involved here are more, when compared to a vaginal delivery.

Thus, we can conclude that normal delivery is the most natural way of bringing your baby into your world. Though there might be certain circumstances in a woman's life, which make it unavoidable for you to opt for a cesarean delivery. So, be prudent, consult well with your doctor before you choose the right method for delivering your bundle of joy.

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Story first published: Thursday, August 4, 2011, 11:28 [IST]
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