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    Things That Seem Harmless But Are Actually Dangerous For Your Baby

    When a baby is born, the parents think of nothing but safety and the health of the baby. As parents, you make sure that everything that touches or comes in contact with your baby is perfectly safe. For instance, you make sure that the clothes your baby wears is free of any chocking or strangling hazard.

    You make sure that the bedding that your child uses is fire-proof. You baby proof the home to make sure that when mobile, your child doesn't hit himself on sharp corners of the furniture or get into cabinets that are dangerous for them.

    things that are harmless yet dangerous for babies

    If you have taken these precautions and more, you are well on the path to be a great parent. But the fact remains that there are many things that seem safe for your child but are very dangerous in reality.

    The unfortunate thing is that these things hide in plain sight and are difficult to notice and remove.

    Today, we shall talk about things that look innocent and safe for your baby to handle, but they aren't. These may be things you use in your daily life or even may be an object marketed for the amusement and use of babies.

    So, read on and make sure that your baby stays safe.

    • Balloons

    It is no surprise that babies love balloons. They are an indispensable part of any birthday party and are really fun to play with. You see the charm they exude - they come in various colours and bounce around in the air.

    But beware of the common latex balloons for many reasons. The balloons can pop into many pieces that are bite-sized and are fun to chew on for a teething baby. If they are inadvertently swallowed, they can cause choking. The latex that these balloons are made out of can cause allergy for a baby too.

    • The Mother's Jewellery

    A married Indian woman is seen to be incomplete without the quintessential pieces of jewellery. But did you know that these can injure or even fatally hurt your baby? The chain or necklace that you wear are easy targets of amusement for your baby.

    They can pull and play with them when you hold your baby. Any sudden movement can cause the chain to cut your baby's tender hands, strangle or cut your neck or cause the chain to break. The earrings that you wear has to be constantly monitored to make sure that they are not loose.

    If the baby gets a hold of them and swallows it, the sharp end can cause injury to the mouth, the food pipe and the stomach before it can be removed by the doctor.

    • Baby Products For The Skin

    You would think that products made for babies would be perfectly safe for your baby's use. Think again! Check the labels on the baby oil and creams you use on your baby. If hydrocarbons are one of the things listed, then you would do better to chuck the bottle in the bin.

    Hydrocarbons are linked to conditions like pneumonia and other lung diseases. It is required by law that baby products be packaged in baby-proof packaging, but babies tend to get into everything. If the baby gets into it and consumes it, it can be fatal too. If overused, it is said to cause hormonal problems in females and issues with the immune system when they grow up.

    • Pillows

    There are a lot of pillows made for children flooding the market. But the truth is that babies do not need pillows. In fact, pillows can be a danger to your baby. If the baby moves around and finds his nose pressed into the pillow, he can suffocate in sleep.

    Babies may not be able to change their position to rectify their position. This is the cause of a lot of the crib deaths. If you co-sleep, make sure that you too do not use blankets and pillows.

    • Pets

    You may have the friendliest pet, but they could still pose a danger to your baby. Babies can pull at a curious dog or cat. If it hurts them, they may nip or scratch your baby. A cat or a dog that cuddles up to your baby can be a suffocation risk too. If nothing, pets are hosts to a lot of germs and can even cause allergy to your baby.

    • The Power Window Of Your Car

    The power window of your car is indeed very powerful. If your baby's limbs or head gets stuck in the window which is being closed, it can even cause amputation. This is more common when the parent closes the window, without checking if the child is secure. It can also happen if the baby is playing with the buttons and accidentally closes the window.

    • House Plants - Indoor Plants

    It is great to have greenery around the house, but when you have a baby, you can never be too careful. Babies get attracted to plants with leaves, flowers and berries on them. When outdoors, parents keep a close eye on them but when in the house, they are lulled into a false sense of security. This is the reason indoor plants are ignored. Indoor plants cleanse the air inside and also make the atmosphere cheerful.

    But there are many indoor plants that are poisonous. They can also cause choking if ingested by a baby. Make sure that you choose the plants carefully and be sure to keep them out of the reach from your babies.

    • Your Purse/Carry Bag

    Women have a lot of stuff in their day-to-day carry bags. They might just be able to dive in and bring up anything from a bottle of water or a tube of chapstick to a knife or pepper spray. But when you have a baby, make sure that the baby doesn't try to explore the mysterious depths of your bag.

    Anything with a sharp edge, including the innocent keys, can cause an injury to your baby. Your deodorant or other cosmetics can also cause poisoning and the candy you received instead of change can also cause choking.

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