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7 Strange Facts About Newborns That You Never Knew!

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Most of us, when we look at a newborn baby, have a smile on our faces. The baby's delicate features, the soft skin and his/her innocence can make one want to just cuddle with the baby all day long!

Parents do everything they can to ensure that their newborn gets the best care.

They follow all the advice given by the professionals and elders, they even buy guides and books that help them through this by giving them certain baby care tips.

It is very important to be careful and attentive while taking care of the newborn baby, as infants are very delicate and their organs are still not completely developed.

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In addition, a newborn baby has a weaker immune system, making him/her more susceptible to various diseases.

So, as parents, we must know everything we can about how to take a good care of a newborn baby.

Even a slight mistake committed while caring for the fragile newborn baby can lead to fatal consequences.

Did you know that there are a few strange, fascinating facts about newborns that doctors never tell you about?

Well, read more below to find out what they are.


Fact #1

When newborn babies cry, they do not shed any tears. This is because they would not have fully developed tear ducts, until they are about 12 weeks old.


Fact #2

Newborn babies have a well-developed sense of taste and their taste buds can sense sweet, bitter and even spicy foods, except for salt!


Fact #3

There is an absence of the knee caps, or the cartilage bone around the knees, in newborn babies, as that particular cartilage will usually develop only when babies are a year old.


Fact #4

Newborn babies have about 300 bones in their body, while the adults have only 206. This is because, as an infant grows up, many of the bones fuse together, thus reducing the number of bones in an infant's body.


Fact #5

Many newborns are covered in a layer of fine hair, which may be of concern to the parents; however, this layer of hair growth is normal and is known as the lanugo, which is developed while the baby is still in the womb to help regulate body temperature.


Fact #6

Some female newborns menstruate. Yes, you read that right!! Newborn babies are exposed to a high level of oestrogen while in the womb, which may lead them to shed a few drops of blood in their diapers initially, which is quite normal.


Fact #7

In rare cases, newborn babies lactate! Yes, as they are exposed to a lot of hormones while in the womb, they develop tiny breast buds that can produce small amounts of milk; and this can be seen in both boys and girls! However, this is completely normal, if it stops within a few days of birth.

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