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7 Common Things All New Parents Worry About

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Babies are wonderful human beings. They seem to learn something new every single day and this surprises the new parents with a smile. Babies should be looked after with care and love and every parent should understand not to leave their child alone.

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Till the age of 12 months, parents should keep a watchful eye on the baby as during these 12 months, the child will learn to walk, learn to stand on it's own two feet and learn to gobble anything he or she see's. When a baby comes into the world, new parents often worry about the silliest of things, like when will their baby hold her head up or when can the baby drink water etc.

These kind of questions always bring a headache to the new parents, which is why today Boldsky has answered some of the most common things or questions parents worry about and seek answers too. On the other hand, some of these questions also relate to how fast your baby is growing, how well you are teaching them to be independent and so forth.

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So, parents, let all your worries come to an end, spend a few moments and take a look at some of these common questions that are related to your baby's growth:


When Can My Baby Start Drinking Water?

The baby can start drinking water from the third or fourth month when the little one is slowly introduced to solid food. Little sips of sugar water can be given to the child on the fifth day itself.


When Can My Baby Hold Her Head Up?

When you notice your baby turning on their own, that is when they tend to raise their little head. When your newborn is about 1 month of a few weeks, while carrying him or her, you need to be careful with the head as the baby is delicate.


How Do I Treat A Diaper Rash?

Diaper rash is a common problem in newborns. Stay away from sloth nappies as they are the ones which tend to give the rash. Secondly, to get rid of diaper rash the best home remedy is apply coconut oil on the bottom and on the thighs of the little one.


When Will My Baby Start Rolling Over?

When the little one crosses the end of the third month and entering into the fourth month, you will soon start to see the baby turning over on the side, rolling across the bed and raising it's head. When the baby is at it's second month, the parent has to constantly turn the baby from the left side to the right so that the head remains round.


When Can My Baby Eat Eggs?

Eggs are high in protein and good for the improvement of their bones and teeth. Babies can be given eggs when they are around 12 months, and the yolk can be fed to the child during the ninth month itself.


How Often Should I Bathe My Newborn?

Alternate days for a head bath and a body bath should be given to the child everyday. The water should be hot and not too luke warm or cold. You should give your baby a castor oil or badam oil massage alternate day, as it helps in making the bones stronger and retains their baby skin with a glow.


How Can I Help My Baby Stand Up?

After the baby begins to turn on their own, and crawl around, you will soon start to see the little one standing up on their own as well. At the initial stage, help your baby to walk with ease, and gradually when they get comfortable on their feet, they will walk on their own.

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