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Is Licorice Safe During Breastfeeding?

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Though there are certain health benefits of herbs, it may not be healthy to consume them during pregnancy or breastfeeding stages.

Is Licorice Safe During Breastfeeding1

Licorice is a herb used in sweeteners and beverages. It has some medicinal properties and is effective in treating asthma, inflammation and cough too. It also contains antiviral agents. Some people also use it to treat anxiety and depression.

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But when consumed in excessive quantities, it could cause fluid retention, hypertension, kidney issues, liver issues and hormonal issues too.

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Certain studies claim that licorice should be avoided by breastfeeding mothers. It could affect the production of milk. It could also cause headaches, blood pressure issues and water retention. In pregnant women, it could also raise the risk of miscarriage or preterm labour.

Is Licorice Safe During Breastfeeding1

Also, breastfeeding mothers who consume licorice tea complain weakness in the baby. So, consult your doctor before trying any herbal remedy during pregnancy or during the breastfeeding stages.

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Story first published: Wednesday, November 16, 2016, 8:05 [IST]
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