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8 Easy Tips To Prevent Diaper Rashes In Babies

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As a popular quote goes, "Motherhood is the greatest thing and the hardest thing". Being a mother is a combination of joyful moments as well as certain challenges that come with raising a child.

While the new mother enjoys bonding with her baby and is getting to know her infant better, she also has to make a whole lot of lifestyle changes to cater to the baby's various needs.

Staying up late to pacify her crying infant, taking long leaves from work to care for the baby, understanding the napping and feeding patterns of the child, etc, are not simple tasks. They require a lot of effort and compromise from the mother's side.

Also, since a newborn is still delicate, the mother is constantly worried about the infant being prone to health complications and ailments.

Even the slightest of symptoms in the baby scares the concerned mother to no end!

Among various other minor ailments that an infant could be affected with, diaper rash is a common one.


Tip #1

Ensure that you do not leave on the diaper on your child for too long, even if it is not soiled. Change the diapers at regular intervals, preferably once every couple of hours.


Tip #2

Let the baby be without diapers for a few hours in the day, at the least. Their delicate skin will need some air; and covering them up with diapers all day long can surely lead to rashes.


Tip #3

Make sure that the baby care hygiene products that you use are chemical-free. For example, baby wipes, baby powder, etc, that you dab on to the infant's bottom must contain little or no chemicals at all.


Tip #4

Once the baby soils the diapers, it must be changed immediately. Do not leave it on or wait until the baby relieves himself again.


Tip #5

Give regular baths to your infant, especially if they are older than 4-5 months of age. Doing this will help their skin to be clean and it can also prevent rashes.


Tip #6

After cleaning or bathing the baby, make sure that you wipe the infant's privates gently. Rubbing with a towel with too much pressure can cause an irritation to the skin and cause rashes.


Tip #7

If you know that your baby is prone to diaper rashes, then use ointments or lotions prescribed by the doctors to ensure that it doesn't continue.


Tip #8

You can also use clean, cotton cloth pieces instead of diapers to help absorb the baby's urine, instead of diapers. Cotton cloths are safer than diapers and do not irritate the skin.

Most mothers, these days, use diapers to minimise the effort of cleaning up the baby constantly.

However, infants have a delicate skin, and since the diapers available in the markets are made from synthetic material, they may be too harsh on the infant's skin and give them rashes or burns.

Diaper rashes can be painful and irritable, making the infants cranky and uncomfortable all the time.

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Today, Boldsky gives you a few tips on how to prevent diaper rashes in infants.

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Story first published: Monday, May 16, 2016, 14:33 [IST]
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