How To Lower A Child’s Fever In Less Than 5 Minutes At Home

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An increased body temperature or fever occurs when the body is fighting with any kind of an infection. However, the usual cold and cough can also cause fever and, also sometimes, the reason for an increased body temperature is unknown and is not a matter to worry about.

If your child is healthy then there is no serious health concern with the increased body temperature. You can lower his/her body temperature within just 5 minutes at home.

If the fever does not come again then there is no need to go to the doctor. However, if there is persistent and high fever, you have to get a medical check-up done of your child.

High fever can damage the brain if it is not lowered immediately. It can even cause fits in a child. We must treat the root cause of the fever, once it is lowered, However, the first attempt should be to lower the fever then you can take your child to a doctor.

There are some best home remedies to treat your child's fever effectively. Read on the article to find the best ways to reduce the fever of your child at home.



Grate two potatoes in a grinder to make a paste. Put this potato paste in the child's socks. Make your child wear the same socks. This will lower the elevated body temperature of your child in a few minutes.


Brandy And Water

Mix half cup of water in half cup of brandy and soak a thin cotton cloth in it. Put the soaked cotton cloth inside the socks of your child. This is another best method to bring down your child's fever in few minutes.


Wet Cloth

Soak a cotton cloth in cold water, put the cloth on your child's forehead. Put it there for a few minutes and again repeat the process until the fever comes down.



Give your child enough of cold fluids, as this is a much needed remedy to bring the fever down. You can feed him/her with some curd, ice cream, etc. This helps to hydrate your child, cool the body and bring down the fever.


Loose Fitting Clothes

If your child is wearing a body-fit dress then it is best to dress your child in loose fitting clothes. Loose clothes will not retain the body heat and will help in bringing down the body temperature. Also, remove the extra clothes that he/she is wearing. However, if he/she feels cold and starts to shiver then make him/her warm with a blanket.


Use A Fan

Keep your child near a fan, so that it will cool his/her body temperature. However, don't make your child to stay in front of a fan for too long, as he/she might catch a cold. Avoid keeping your child directly in front of a fan and keep the fan on a low rotation speed.


Make Your Child Stay Indoors

Your child may want to go outside even if he/she has fever. Stop him/her from playing outside, as this may further increase the body temperature. Make your child relax in a cooler place indoors.

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