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Does Pollution Affect Your Kid?

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A new study says that air pollution can affect the lungs of infants faster and it could also impact the lung function of a kid even after growing up into an adult.

Does Pollution Affect Your Kid?

When a baby is exposed to pollution since the day of birth, by the time he completes 8 years, his lung function may get impacted.

Does Pollution Affect Your Kid?2

Dust smoke, fumes, pollen and ash in the air can negatively impact a baby's respiratory system. In a recent study, researchers observed the fact that the lung function of kids who live very close to polluted roads is 6% weaker compared to other kids.

Does Pollution Affect Your Kid?3

This clearly shows how pollution can impact the lung function of children. In fact, researchers recommend staying in clean areas at least when you have children.

Does Pollution Affect Your Kid?5

As the lungs of babies are vulnerable, it is advisable to prefer areas where the air is clean and breathable. In fact, air pollution is becoming a burning issues of all urban areas of the world.

Does Pollution Affect Your Kid?4

Couples who wish to conceive can always plan for such things before they give birth to children so that the next generation will have better living conditions.

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Story first published: Wednesday, April 13, 2016, 11:29 [IST]
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