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8 Steps To Bathe Your Newborn Baby

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Newborn Baby Bath
As someone new to motherhood, you must be petrified of giving your newborn a bath. It is really scary to hold a baby while giving bath. The baby is small, slippery and wet. So, are you going to miss out on the pleasure of bathing your baby yourself? Not the best of ideas. It is natural to be scared but do not let your fear overpower your maternal instincts. You are a mother and no hands are safer than yours to care for your newborn.

Besides, if you follow these guidelines while giving your newborn a bath, you can avoid accidents.

Step To Bathe Your Newborn Safely:

1. For the first week or two, you can choose to clean your baby with a soft cloth piece damped in warm water. This gives you the practice to set your hands on your child for later giving water baths.

2. Always use lukewarm water while bathing your baby. Firstly, it kills the germs and secondly, it gives the newborn a comfortably warm womb like feeling.

3. Use a mild baby soap. Skin of a newborn baby is ultra sensitive so make sure you never use a harsh soap. You can bathe your newborn in antiseptic solution too.

4. Your baby does not need daily baths. During summers, you can bathe your baby 4-5 times a week. But for cold weathers, weekly baths are more than enough.

5. It is a myth that your baby's umbilical cord stub will get infectious if it comes in contact with water. It is quite the contrary. You need to keep that wound clean, especially because the little one is peeing all over it whole day.

6. While bathing your newborn, always hold him/her from behind the neck and back. All newborn babies have wobbly heads. They need the support of your firm hand to hold their head still.

7. Lower the baby into the bath tub (small baby bath tub not the one you use) feet first. Slowly, let your baby get comfortable in the water. Soak the baby till the neck and no moreContinue to hold the neck and clean up with the other hand. Always sit and bathe your baby. It is comfortable for both the new mother and newborn.

8. Keep clean towels ready (on your lap) to wrap up the baby as soon as you finish bathing. The place you bathe the little one also, should be closed, clean and warm. This prevents the baby from catching a cold.

You are the best person to care for your newborn, so do not be scared to bathe your newborn baby. Always remember, practice makes a person perfect.

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Story first published: Thursday, April 26, 2012, 16:37 [IST]
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