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A baby girl is always special and to give a special name to your bundle of joy, you will need some ideas. Even before a baby is born, the parents are usually prepared with two sets of Indian baby names. One would be names for a baby girl and the other for a boy. If you too have been working hard to put together the best set of names for your newborn baby, then here is some help.

Names are just like fashion trends; the trends change with time. Now Shwetambari is a great Indian baby name but, who on earth would like to name their baby girl in such an ancient way. That is why, you need to know what baby girl names are in trend now. Here are a few ideas.

Sarah: First of all, this modern baby name has a very global appeal. Your little girl will have no problem explaining the exact pronunciation of her name to foreigners. Secondly, it is a name that is not religion or community specific. Thirdly, a lot of star kids are named Sarah. You have Sarah Ali Khan (Saif's daughter) and also a Sarah Tendulkar (Sachin's daughter).

Angel/Angela: This baby girl name was popularised by the movie 'Hey Baby' wherein a little baby left on the doorstep of 3 incurable bachelors becomes a saving angel in their lives. Even otherwise, it is a pretty cute name for a girl. All girls are Daddy's angels after all!

Aarya: Just like Aryan is a trending Indian name for a baby boy, Aarya is popular among girls. Although this name is new on the scenes, it is gaining momentum rapidly. Aarya basically means a lady of noble birth. In the medieval times, high-born ladies in Europe would be named Aarya.

Kyra: Names of Greek origin has always fascinated people. Today's Indian parents are globe trotters and thus, they have picked up this modern baby name of Greek origin as their favourite. Kyra was the Greek Goddess of the Sun. In fact, the name sounds quite similar to the popular Hollywood actress 'Kiera' Knightley.

Avani: Silly as it sounds, movies and daily soap operas do inspire a lot of baby names in India. Coincidentally, a lot of daily soap queens and actresses in leading roles have been called Avani in the last couple of years. The most apt example would be that of Vidya Balan in 'Bhul Bhooliya'. Avani means Mother Earth and the name has a nice tone to it so expecting couples just love it.

These are few of the baby girl names that are trending in 2012. Which one do you like the most?

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