Trending Baby Boy Names For 2012

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Even before your bundle of joy comes into this world, you start preparing a list of names for him or her. There is separate list of baby boy names and baby girl names that are ready before the little one arrives. So how do you finally narrow down on a name from the list of Indian baby names that you have prepared for your baby? Usually people catch the trend when it comes to naming a newborn baby.

Modern baby names go through trends of highs and lows. This is especially true for Indian names for babies. When Amitabh Bachchan was at the height of his stardom, there was a wave of baby boys names Amit and Amitabh!

Baby Boy

So if you want to catch the trend for naming your little boy, here is list of popular baby boy names for 2012.

1. Sachin: This is a special name that has been in trend ever since the legend of Sachin Tendulkar started. Many people have named their boys Sachin hoping that they live up to the name and become great cricketers. Cricket commentator Harsha Bhogle's son is also named Sachin. As the master-blaster is all set to retire this year, there will be another wave of little boys named Sachin expected.

2. Aryan: If you are looking for a really filmy name for your baby boy, then choose this one. Aryan means of pure race and this name seems to transcend barriers of community that are so important for Indian baby names. Many star kids are named Aryan including Shahrukh Khan and Sachin Tendulkar's sons.

3. Rehaan: It is a truly modern name for your baby. Rehaan means 'scented' or 'incensed' and it is another name that is truly global. A boy from Hindu, Muslim or Christian communities can be named Rehaan. This name has been in trend since the movie 'Fanna' became a hit. Aamir Khan and his son were called Rehaan in this movie.

4. Ryan: This name literally means a King. It is originally a Christian baby boy name that has now become global. Although the name does not have an Indian origin, parents are naming their kids Ryan these days. It is important for a name to be pronounceable globally these days because kids usually go abroad to study or work.

5. Dev: Silly as it sounds, daily soaps also inspire naming trends these days. Dev happens to be name of at least a dozen soap opera heroes. So this Indian baby name is a hot property these days.

These are the 5 baby boy names that are trending this year. So if you are expecting soon, keep these on your name list for sure!

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