Amazon Sale 2021: Great Deals On Fitness Equipment, Treadmills, Yoga Mats And More

Amazon Great Indian Sale is ongoing and therefore, there is a lot to choose from across various categories. Here you will get great deals, huge offers and discounts on fitness equipment and products. You will have so much to choose from the comfort of your home that you will never step out for shopping again. From gym ball, treadmill, yoga mats, to stimulation pulse massager, exercise cycle, you will find everything you will ever need to keep yourself fit. All the fitness items are overflowing with discounts which will make you happy for sure. With up to 65% off of all products, you need to pick your favourite items before the stock ends!

1. Air Bike Exercise Cycle for Home & Gym Workout

Stay fit and healthy with this extraordinary and compact Air Bike Exercise Cycle. Easy to use, this one will ensure that you have an advanced workout from the comfort of your home. The foot pedal comes with straps so that you get the perfect grip during cycling. Also, the wide pedals are comfortably secured with simple, adjustable straps for your convenience. It improves pedalling technique & makes the user exercise more efficiently. LCD Digital Monitor Easily monitors your cycling sessions with real-time stats shown on an LCD Display Monitor. During each session, get information on calories burned, elapsed distance, time & speed.

beatXP Full Body Workout Gym Fitness 4M Air Bike Exercise Cycle with Adjustable Seat, Back Support, Tummy Twister & Moving Handles (Black)

2. PVC 10-30 Kg Home Gym Set

Workouts and fitness are an essential part of our day to day regime, and therefore, Kore brings to you this complete Home Gym Set which has got an array of workout equipment to suit your workout and fitness regime. The gym set comes with different variants of weights, skipping rope, hand gripper, wrist bands, curling rods, gym bag, etc for a complete workout. While working out you can try different sets of exercises and incorporate them into your fitness schedule with this gym set. With this in your home, you can work out with style.

Kore PVC 16 Kg Home Gym Set With One 3 Ft Curl And One Pair Dumbbell Rods With Gym Accessories, Black

3. 7-in-1 Adjustable Kettlebells with 20 lbs & 40 lbs

The innovative FlexiKettle brand is something that is a must-have for all fitness enthusiasts. It replaces 7 different sets of traditional kettlebells and combines them into 1 smart, easy-to-use FlexiKettle. It comes with an ergonomic handle and a weight selection dial to choose your desired weight level. It is available in 2 sizes - 20lb (9kg) and 40lb (18kg) For the 20lb variant, weights adjust from 5 to 20 Lbs in 2.5 Lbs increments. For the 40lb variant, weights adjust from 10 to 40 Lbs in 5 Lbs increments. This is the only Kettlebell you will ever need.

Flexnest ¢ Metal The Flexikettle 7-in-1 Adjustable Kettlebells with 20 lbs & 40 lbs Adjustable Weights for Men & Women for Home Workouts - German Designed (20 lbs - Black & Orange)

4. Adjustable Dumbbells (2.5kg to 24kg)

Home fitness is synonymous with Flexnet Dumbbell as it can replace multiple sets of weights. This one piece of equipment is equivalent to 15 different dumbbells. The product has easy-to-use selection dials for adjusting weights. The weights adjust from 2.5 to 24 Kgs in 1-1.5 Kg increments. The Flexnest Dumbbell enables you to easily change your resistance and switch from one exercise to the next, with the simple turn of a dial; making it the one product you need for versatile workouts. This one comes with a smart, easy-to-use rotatable dial that allows you to switch weights from 2.5 kg to 24 Kg which a single touch.

Flexnest™ Adjustable Dumbbells (2.5kg to 24kg) | Designed-in-Germany |For Men and Women | Easy Weight Adjustment | Home Workout, Gym Exercise (Single)

5. PowerMax Fitness Electric Treadmill

If you are searching for a treadmill for the home gym, then this PowerMax Fitness Electric Treadmill is a must-have for your gym room. the UrbanTrek TD-M1 treadmill will effectively help you to fight against the carbs, With this, you can jog on a treadmill with a top speed of 14 km per hour. It is powered by a 4.0 Horse Power HiTorque DC motor. It is infused with modern technology so that you can connect your treadmill to your mobile with a Bluetooth app. It has a unique running surface with a side rail so that you feel convenient while using it. Without a doubt, this one will be safer from running outdoors.

PowerMax Fitness TD-M1 2HP (4HP Peak) Pre-installed Motorized Steel Treadmill, Home Use & Semi Automatic Lubrication (Black)

6. Cockatoo CTM14A Auto Incline Treadmill for Home

Fitness is essential for everyone and therefore if you want to improve your in-home cardio workouts then nothing can be better than Cockatoo CTM14A motorized treadmill. Compact and highly functional, this one is infused with the software BMI calculator, so that you can calculate your BMI on the LCD. It also has a 5HP peak horsepower motor that supports belt speeds between 0.8 Km/hrs. & 16 Km/hrs. Further, you can also adjust your workout preferences in seconds with the quick buttons, 12 program modes, and handrail buttons. The easy-to-use front transportation wheels and the upright-folding running deck make this foldable treadmill easy to store within your home.

Cockatoo CTM14A 2.5HP (5HP Peak) DC Motorized Treadmill for Home with Auto Incline, Max Speed 16Km/Hr, Max User Weight 110 Kg(Free Installation Assistance

7. Boldfit Swiss Birthing Gym Ball for Exercise And Yoga

All your fitness-related tasks will be taken care of by Boldfit Swiss Birthing Gym Ball. This one is a perfect product when it comes to fitness because it is very easy to inflate and can be used for numerous exercises. With this, you can test your ability to maintain body balance. It will also help you to maintain stability. The rubber build makes it durable and suitable for heavy exercise or weights. It is portable and ergonomically designed for easy use. It will be your long-term fitness partner.

Boldfit Gym Ball for Exercise & Yoga with Pump, Anti Burst Swiss Birthing Ball for Workout & Fitness. Stability Ball for Men & Women. Exercise Ball Usable in Home & Gym - Gym Ball 65 cm, Grey

8. Puzzle Exercise Mat

You can now optimise your workout space with the AmazonBasics EVA Puzzle Exercise Mat. With this in your home, you don't need to install any special flooring or feel limited to narrow yoga mats. Not only that, this convenient mat will make it easy to spread out, and add a comfortable, cushioning layer to hard floors. Maintenance is extremely simple, it can be picked up and moved or compactly stored out of the way when finished. The puzzle-style exercise mat makes a great choice for any garage, basement, fitness room, or gym.

AmazonBasics Puzzle Exercise Mat with EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles - Grey

9. Tummy Twister Abdominal ABS Exerciser

Simple and easy, this Tummy Twister Abdominal ABS Exerciser is a must-have in every home that focuses on fitness. In your busy schedule if you don't have time to work out in the gym, then don't worry, brand Oddish is here to help you get fit. This one will help you to burn your calories and help you to develop a flat stomach. It also works simultaneously on your abs and core muscles by melting your fat. This trimmer can be used to tighten your legs, bellies and back. It is made using high-grade plastic and spring which makes it durable. This is the best choice to build your muscles.

ODDISH; way to fitness Tummy Twister Abdominal ABS Exerciser Body Toner-Fat Buster Oblique Workout, Home Gym Equipment for Men and Women

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