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Women Goes Blind After Playing Video Games For 24 Hours; Tips For Computer Eye Strain Relief

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In what can be considered as a shocking incident, a 21-year-old Chinese woman experienced partial blindness after she continuously played video games for 24 hours straight.

As per reports, she was playing an online game when she lost her vision in the right eye.

She was diagnosed with retinal artery occlusion (RAO), which is a condition found in older people. This is a very rare case in younger people.

tips for computer eye strain relief

The woman was quoted as saying that the problem was probably caused by playing the game without a break.

She also said that she gets too absorbed into the game that she even forgets to eat.

Many young people nowadays are also suffering from computer eye strain due to prolonged use of computers.

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Keeping this in mind, in this article we have listed some of the best tips for computer eye strain relief. So, read further to know more on how to deal with computer eye strain.


1. Get A Comprehensive Eye Exam Done:

Having a comprehensive eye exam done is the most important thing that you must do in order to prevent or treat computer vision problems. Computer users should go in for an eye exam before they start working on a computer and once a year thereafter.


2. Use Proper Lighting:

Eye strain is often caused by excessive bright light coming from outdoors or due to harsh indoor lighting. When you use a computer, your ambient lighting should be half as that of the one found in offices.


3. Minimize The Glare:

Glare on the walls and finished surfaces and the reflections from the computer screen can cause computer strain. You can consider installing an anti-glare screen on your monitor. If you're wearing glasses, then buy lenses that have an anti-reflecting coating.


4. Blink More Often:

Blinking is very important if you are working with a computer. Blinking can moisten your eyes to prevent dryness and irritation. This is one of the best tips for computer eye strain relief.


5. Take Frequent Breaks:

To reduce your risk of computer vision syndrome, you need to take frequent breaks during your computer work day. According to a study, it was shown that computer workers who took four additional five-minute mini breaks throughout the day found their eye strain to be significantly reduced. This is one of the most useful tip that'll let you know how to deal with computer eye strain.

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