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Super Sister For The Save: Girl's Quick Thinking Saves Her Little Brother From Being Strangled

Things may have taken a turn for the worst if it wasn't for the girl's quick thinking. A video has surfaced in the People's Daily twitter page, showing a young girl bravely saving her 5-year-old brother's life.

The incident was reported in Istanbul, Turkey, and the now-viral video shows the young (brave) girl entering the elevator with her little brother and another child. As soon as the elevator begins to descend, a rope that the child had around his neck gets caught in the elevator's door and he gets dragged up in the air.

Instead of freezing, his sister springs into action and rescues him without even hesitating for a second. With the rope tight around his neck, if not for the young girl's timely intervention, the child would have lost his life. His sister pressed the emergency button (and elevator alarm) to stop the elevator and helped him up by supporting his weight, to loosen the noose and release him.

In the light of the event, various viewers have stressed on the importance of children's safety - pointing out that an adult should always accompany children - as not everyone can be as quick refluxed as the super sister in the video!

The girl has managed to gather thousands of fans who are applauding her quick and brave action, saying how lucky the young boy is to have a sister like her.

The boy is said to be recovering well and is in good shape now.

Story first published: Monday, August 5, 2019, 17:20 [IST]