Binge Drinking Is Harmful For The Brain As Per Research; Other Major Health Effects

Drinking a peg or two occasionally can be good for health, but when you exceed the limit and get into binge drinking then it might pose danger for your health.

A new study shows that binge drinking can lead to brain damage, especially among youngsters. As per the study, drinking five or more beers for men, or four for women, within two hours leads to distinctive changes in brain activity.

The study was conducted by the University of Minho, Portugal. During the study, scientists monitored electrical activity in the brains of 80 first-year students from a Spanish university and quizzed them about their drinking habits.

binge drinking

Following the study, researchers found that binge drinkers had altered brain activity at rest and showed significantly higher measurements of specific electrical differences in brain regions called the right temporal lobe and bilateral occipital cortex.

They suffered very similar alterations to those of chronic alcoholics which were like the signs of early brain damage.

There are other serious other health problems related to binge drinking. Take a look.

binge drinking

Nausea & Vomiting:
Binge drinking can leave you with nausea and vomiting. When your internal system is not able to take the sudden changes you end up with a bad nausea and vomiting.

binge drinking

Apart from the hangover, binge drinking can leave you with a bad headache. This can affect your thinking capacity and your work gets hampered.

binge drinking

Liver Problem:
When you drink excess of alcohol, it gives excess stress of the blood flow as a result of which the liver gets affected. If you are a chronic alcoholic then there are high chances of your liver getting affected and then can cause liver cancer as well.

binge drinking

Affects The Heart:
If you are into binge drinking too often then there are high chances of the heart getting affected. This might end up in a sudden heart attack or heart failure.

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