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Happy Father’s Day 2022: Interesting And Fun Facts About Fathers

Father's Day holds an immense significance for people across the globe, and it has caught the imagination and fancies of many in a big way. Fathers or father-like figures in our lives are not only our anchors but they are also protectors, guides, and heroes to the children.

Statistically, it is proved by the number of greeting cards the kids send and the way they spend the day with their parents. This Father's Day (19 June), we have curated a list of fun and interesting facts about fathers or dads, to help you celebrate this day better. Read on!

1. William Jackson Smart, the American Civil war veteran from Washington, in the USA, was a celebrated single dad, who singlehandedly managed the responsibilities of defense and raising five kids. The unconditional love that he exhibited as a father became known, when his daughter, Sonora Smart Dodd, campaigned because of which the first Father's Day was celebrated on 19 June 2020, the birth month of her dad.

2. In the 1930s, the idea of a Father's Day received stiff opposition from some and a faint acceptance from some others. This idea was initially scoffed at, by people across the globe, as some of them felt that this holiday poked fun at the very idea and role of fathers.

3. The people of Australia endorsed and decided on September month to celebrate the occasion.

4. Australia is celebrating this day since the 1940s, on the first Sunday of September annually. On Father's Day in 1945, a discharged RAAF pilot flew to his father's home, descended to 100 feet near the ground, and threw out sweets to all dads found down below. Unluckily his plan backfired as it reached only a few kids and he had to pay a 5-pound fine for flying without a license.

5. One out of every 5 Australians, one is a dad.

6. A good 4.6% of Australian dads are stay-at-home dads as per researcher McCrindle's report

7. As per the social researcher McCrindle, children of 2.2 million dads are aged under 18 years.

8. The average age of dads is now 33 years, and it has been rising steadily since 1956.

9. Figures from the working parent surveys show that (83.2%) of dads wish they had stayed home with their kids longer before resuming work, and around 68.4% wish they had taken a break from work to look after their kids during their early years.

10. Online gifts such as GPS navigation devices, soccer gear, hardware, outdoor supplies, and car merchandise are most preferred for dad's day.

11. Hallmark cards (a private American company) mentioned in a statement that Father's Day is the 4th largest card-sending day, after Christmas, Valentine's Day and Mother's Day, and around 72 million dad's day cards are sent every year.

12. In the UK, about 7 million cards get sent for Father's Day.

13. The Rose flower officially represents Father's Day. Red roses are chosen for living fathers, while white roses are meant for dads that have passed away. The roses are pinned on the kid's dress.

14. Neckties are the most preferred dad's day gifts even today.

15. The total estimated number of fathers is 1.5 billion.

16. The Germans celebrate this day, by drinking beer the entire day at beer gardens.

17. Father's Day in Thailand is on the birthday of their King, Bhumibol Adulyadej, in December for which the dress code is yellow.

18. It was in 1972, that President Richard Nixon signed a permanent law in recognition of Father's Day.

19. According to the Census data, there are over 70.1 million dads in the US alone.

20. The total number of single dads counts to two million.

21. Today's fathers spend more time with their kids, these days compared to dads of previous decades.

22. Report from the U.S. Census Bureau says that 16.1% of American single-parent households today are run by single fathers.

23. The number of stay-at-home dads is at a staggering 2 lakhs 15 thousand as per the US Census Bureau.

24. Father's Day receives the maximum number of collect calls in the USA.

25. Back here in India, dads are a different story altogether. Some culturally unadulterated daddies do not believe in Father's Day as a concept that works. Some adjustable dads, are happy if not much money is spent by their kid on them as they feel "money does not grow on trees." Some of them may say " we are grateful to have an oragne on christmas." Probably, the greatest gift to an Indian dad is when his child finally gets enrolled in a medical school. To each dad, his own. Anyway, Father's Day is a slowly evolving concept in the Indian cultural hemisphere, but it is sure to stay.

Disclaimer: The information is based on assumptions and information available on the internet and the accuracy or reliability is not guaranteed. Boldsky does not confirm any inputs or information related to the article and our only purpose is to deliver information. Kindly consult the concerned expert before practising or implementing any information and assumption

Image sources: Wikimedia Commons

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