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Bi Visibility Day 2022: History And Significance

On 23 September, Bi Visibility Day is observed annually to honour and celebrate bisexual people, the bisexual community, and the history of bisexuality. The day is also referred to as Bisexual Pride Day, Bisexual Visibility Day, CBD, Bisexual Pride and Bi Visibility Day, and Bisexuality+ Day.

Bi Visibility Day 2022: History

Founded in 1999, Celebrate Bisexuality Day or Bi Visibility Day was officially observed at the International Lesbian and Gay Association Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa. It is the brainchild of Wendy Curry from Maine, Michael Page from Florida, and Gigi Raven Wilbur from Texas.

As opposed to LGBT events in general, this celebration of bisexuality was created in response to prejudice and marginalization against bisexual people in both the straight and LGBT communities [1].

The Berkeley City Council unanimously and without discussion declared 23 September as Bisexual Pride and Bi Visibility Day on 18 September 2012, becoming what is believed to be the first city in the United States to do so [2].

It is common for bisexual individuals to experience biphobia within the LGBTQ+ community as well as within their communities in general, reducing their chances of coming out more than their gay or lesbian counterparts. As a result, bisexual individuals suffer greater negative psychological effects than gay or lesbian individuals.

Bi Visibility Day 2022: Significance

Currently, many individuals and organizations, including GLAAD, refer to this holiday as Bisexuality+ Day, with the "+" symbol intended to include a broader group of bi+ individuals who prefer to describe their sexual orientation by the terms pansexual, polysexual, omnisexual, fluid, or queer [3].

The Gay and Lesbian Alliance of America (GLAA) is an American non-governmental organization that monitors media coverage of gay and lesbian issues.

In 2014, BiNet USA - an American national nonprofit bisexual community, declared the days surrounding Celebrate Bisexuality Day to also be known as Bisexual+ Awareness Week, also known as Bisexual Awareness Week or BiWeek. The week begins on 16 September, culminating on Bi Visibility Day. As well as promoting cultural acceptance, the celebration attempts to create a platform for advocacy of bisexual rights and serves as a platform for recognizing historical advocacy by bisexuals and LGBTQ individuals [4].

BiNet USA and GLAAD established Bisexual Awareness Week to raise awareness of obstacles faced by the bisexual community and to establish policies that encourage bisexual acceptance and social integration [5].

In addition, Bisexual+ Awareness Week can provide a great opportunity for bisexual+ individuals to combat feelings of isolation, create more visibility for those who may be exploring their sexuality, meet other bisexual+ individuals, and become an integral members of the bisexual+ community by coming out or sharing their own experiences with others.

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