Top 5 Calvin Klein Underwear Models!

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Underwear models, doesn't sound very respectable does it? But when we add Calvin Klein to that the equation gets totally changed. Many struggling starlets would die to be Calvin Klein models for even undergarments and many have launched their career from here. As this brand is known for coming up with the most successful advertising campaigns in history, a hoard of Hollywood biggies you see today have taken off from this platform.

Some of the sizzling hot male underwear models of yester years are now some of the best paid actors doing serious roles. Here are some most famous underwear models that have some from the Calvin Klein family.

Top 5 Calvin Klein Underwear Models:

1. Mark Wahlburg: Undeniably a trademark Calvin Klein model who owes his career to the brand. There is no doubt as to his super hotness that made all the women in the world go 'Oh-ah-ouch!' when the saw huge billboards of the then young model turned actor on streets. Mark Wahlburg was slotted for his debut role as a hip hop star in the movie 'Marky Mark' due to the popularity he gained via his underwear modeling career.

2. Antonio Sabato Jr: This Italian born star with a colourful family history that hails from different parts of the world made quite an impact as a male underwear model. He did make a respectable career as an actor too continuing the family legacy but never quite outgrew the hot siren image that was created by the Calvin Klein advertisements.

3. Freddie Ljungberg: The footballer and the story of the elusive tiger tattoo. This football stud from the Swedish team gave this brand the honour of displaying a secret tiger tattoo on his stomach while doing a series of wildly popular advertisements. These advertisements featured him as an underwear model and need we say more.

4. Kellan Lutz: You know him as the benevolent vegetarian vampire from Twilight Saga fame but the 'Cold one' is actually quite hot. Some of his stints as a Calvin Klein model are for adult eyes only. Inspite of the aesthetics typical of this brand you cannot help but close your eyes.

5. Djimon Hounsou: Who is that? Don't frown, he is a Oscar winning actor who seems to have disappeared from the scenes. After winning the academy award for a supporting role in the movie Blood Diamond with Leonardo DiCaprio he seems to be in a hiatus. But no one must have missed his black contours in the typical black and white CK advertisement that featured this African born actor as a warrior. It proved black is beautiful.

This is a list of the hot picks of underwear models who lent their bodies to CK and got more than sheer fame in return.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 10, 2012, 16:52 [IST]
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