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Navratri 2022: IRCTC's Special Vrat Thali On Train Is A Complete Delight For Passengers: Check The Price Here!

Navratri is that time of the year that brings cheer and its own set of observances alongside. Observing a fast essentially means that the devotee if offering his devotion to the Goddess. Science has now enough proof that fasting has a lot of health benefits. Not only it aids in weightloss but also helps to keep certain diseases at bay.

September and October is full of festivals, especially in India and that is why people travelling to other cities at the time of Navratri naturally experience a dilemma between sticking to vrat diet and letting it go. To address this issue Indian railways has come up with an innovative and brilliant idea.

People travelling during Navratri in trains, have nothing to fear anymore when it comes to their diet. The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has come to their aid with the introduction of its new menu scheme for passengers that travel by trains between 26 September 2022 and 5 October 2022 during Navratri. This new vrat diet is going to be incorporated across 400 railway stations in India. So people on vrat can be sure that the food they consume during the Navratri phase will strictly adhere to the diet restrictions. Food without onion and garlic and prepared with rock salt will be the order of the Navratri day. This scheme will officially begin on Saturday, 02 April 2022. Know more about it and check the prices here!

The Special Vrat Platter

As per the IRCTC PRO Anand Kumar Jha, the special vrat thali that is introduced for its travellers who are finicky about their food and drinks during fasting, will be continued with sufficient demand from the consumers. The vrat platter or thali offers a lip-smacking array of vrat dishes thoughtfully designed and cooked with care and love.

  • Rs 99 - Fruits, Buckwheat Pakori, Curd
  • Rs 99 - 2 parathas, potato curry, sago pudding
  • Rs 199 - 4 parathas, 3 vegetables, sago khichdi
  • 250- Paneer Paratha, Vrat Masala, Singhada, and Aloo Paratha will be provided

The starting price of the food items on this menu is fixed at an affordable rate at 99 rupees. However, travellers must note that this thali will be available in only those trains that are equipped with the IRCTC catering facility. Also, to add to it, the special meal will be available only on 500 trains.

Let us take a detailed look at the menu.


Aloo Chaap, Sabudana tikka.

Main course

Paneer Makhmali and Sabudana Khichdi Navratri Thali

This thali includes Sabudana Khichdi, Singhadha Aloo Paratha, Paneer Makhmali, Arbi Masala, Aloo Chaap and Sitaphal (custard apple) Kheer.

Kofta Curry and Sabudana Khichdi Navratri Thali

This thali includes Sabudana Khichdi, Singhadha Aloo Paratha, Kofta curry, Arbi Masala, Aloo Chaap and Sitaphal (custard apple) kheer.

Paneer Makhmali with Parathas, Arbi Masala

  • This includes Paneer Makhmali, Arbi Masala, Singhadha Aloo Paratha, Sabudana Khichdi with curd
  • The cost of these thalis will range from Rs 125 and Rs 200. There is also an arrangement for you to book the special fast-food thali at the time of booking the tickets. The special vrat thali is cooked without using onions and garlic and is prepared with rock salt.
  • These thalis will be priced between Rs 99 and Rs 250. The special fast-food thali can also be ordered at the time of booking tickets.
  • Sick people (diabetics), aged seniors, little kids, and pregnant women are exempted from following any vrat diet as per the scriptures.

How to Book A Thali

Regarding booking a thali on train, here is what you need to know.

Passengers can use the IRCTC app or visit the website, or by calling 1323 and in case they are not tech savvy, they could call 1323 to book their thali.

For Pregnant Women

Expecting mothers are not expected to fast for long hours as it might affect the growth of the foetus. Of course, with doctors' consent, they can be allowed to do so provided that they consume small frequent nutrient heavy meals throughout the day.

For Diabetics

Diabetics should watch out as they are advised a specific diet by their doctors. Generally, diabetics are advised to take a reasonably high fiber and high protein diet. Food should be low fat and low carbohydrate. Avoid sweets and rock salt. Avoid eating potatoes, bananas, pomegranate and chikoo at all. Drink toned milk without sugar. Chapati that you consume should be made of buckwheat flour. Use sago if you crave for potatoes. Finally, the diet of a diabetic is patient specific, and strictly within parameters, but modified as per his health needs.

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