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Teen Sells Bottled Bathwater to Men Online and It's A Runaway Success

When people decide to make money, sometimes they do come up with the craziest of ways to make a fast buck.

From selling their nails to used underwears or even the pictures of their foot to the fetish crowd, we have seen some of the truly bizarre ways to mint money.

Creativity seems to be the order of the day when it comes to selling your stuff to an audience, especially online.

Here is one such case of a cosplayer (a performance art where one dresses up for role play) who decided to make some easy money!

Check out the whole story.

This creative girl is Belle Delphine, who is a self-described 'Gamer Girl'. Her ridiculous idea of making a quick buck without involving any hard work will blow your mind!

According to a report, Belle Delphine's story has gone viral after she became famous for an unusual reason.

The 19-year-old Britisher is said to have recently pranked her 3.8k followers. Here's how she managed to do it. It all began when she posted saying that if she were to reach a million likes on a picture of hers on Instagram, she would create an account on the popular adult site PornHub.

Needless to say, her picture got innumerable likes instantly and since she had committed to creating the account, she stayed true to her words. She uploaded 11 videos of herself.

Now, here's where the catch is.

While the videos had raunchy titles like, "Belle Delphine strokes two BIG cocks", what was on display was a different matter altogether.

Viewers were in for a mild shock and surprise when the video showed her playing with a couple of stuffed cockerels, thereby turning out to be a classic troll. The remaining 10 videos were also of a similar nature.

Cashing in on her craze, Belle decided to market something unusual and this time, it was her bathwater!

She shared the news of the unusual sale on her Instagram account in an NSFW post. Her post read: "What was I going to do to top my Pornhub stunt? Well if you guessed selling my bathwater, you'd be right!!" (-sic)

According to her, the bathwater is real bathwater. She revealed that it is the water that she had bottled after she played in the bath!
She even added a disclaimer and wrote: "This water is not for drinking and should only be used for sentimental purposes."

It is said that she sold the bathwater at a price of USD30 per bottle. According to reports, it was a sell-out, that too within a day!

The craze to buy the water was so much that some Twitter users were bummed out about not being able to land their hands on a bottle! Isn't that crazy?

Story first published: Wednesday, July 17, 2019, 18:30 [IST]
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