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He Ate Stale Spaghetti Of 5 Days And Never Woke up!

Consuming leftover foods can become toxic, and it can make you ill, especially when the food is not stored under the right temperature and condition.

This is what happened in this bizarre case where a young man lost his life as he decided to eat the leftover spaghetti of 5 long days!

Unfortunately, the student died due to an infection. Check out the details of the same...


The Case Happened In 2008

This unexpected incident happened in the year 2008, but the case was brought to light recently as the publication revealed what actually happened to the boy who died after eating the stale spaghetti of 5 long days!

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His Identity Was Not Revealed

The young student who was just known by the name AJ had apparently fallen sick after he consumed spaghetti leftovers which had been made five days earlier and stored at room temperature.


He Warmed The Spaghetti Before Eating

Since he was hungry, he just warmed the leftover spaghetti and ate before he headed outside to play sports. He rushed back home after half an hour of playing as he was not feeling good. The lad was believed to have thrown up for hours together before he slept.


He Slept Never To Wake Up

He slept around midnight and had not taken any medicine as he thought it was no big deal. But the poor lad did not know how grave a situation his health was in after he consumed the stale food. He apparently died in his sleep.


The Autopsy Revealed

The autopsy revealed that he had died suddenly from food poisoning. This was caused by a bacteria called Bacillus cereus which had formed on the stale spaghetti. The toxins present in the spaghetti from the bacteria were so high that it caused his liver to fail and he ended up dead.


The Virus That Attacked Him

Bacillus cereus is a spore-forming bacteria which produces toxins. These toxins cause vomiting and diarrhoea in patients. If the person neglects his/her health, there are chances of them even losing their lives. This is what happened in AJ's case.

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The Moral Of This Case

The medics who revealed this case shared the importance of not eating food when it is not stored in the right form or if the food smells funny as this can land you in trouble.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 29, 2019, 12:13 [IST]
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