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Funny Ways In Which People Altered Their Tattoos After Break-up

Some individuals had made the grave mistake of having the faces of their girlfriends and wives tattooed on their bodies. They had to get their tattoos altered as most of these tattoos were portraits of their once upon a time loved ones.

The alterations of these tattoos have been done in epic ways in which one can never make out what the original tattoo was about!

Here are some of the most funny ways people have altered their exes' tattoos after break-up. The end results are amazing! Check them out.


A Pet Over Your Ex!

This guy decided to replace his ex's tattoo on his chest with that of a picture of a furry pet on top of his heart instead. We think it is not a bad substitute!


Turning Your Ex Into A Warrior

This guy decided to turn his ex's face by transforming it into an ancient samurai warrior. Well, this tattoo surely looks like a badass work!


We Wish She Saw This Alteration!

This tattoo's alteration is so great that it makes you wonder how the girl would react if she would have seen her face tattoo being turned into some kind of an evil demon figure!


Devils To Demons!

What is with the trend of boys turning their ex-girlfriends' tattoos with devils' and demons' faces! We wonder if they hurt them this bad!


This Is Our Favourite Tattoo Alteration!

Well, looks like this girl surely hurt this man! The outcome of the alteration is so perfect that it makes you wonder how great the tattoo artist is!

What do you think of these? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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Story first published: Tuesday, March 5, 2019, 12:38 [IST]
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