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2019 Most Used Emojis on Twitter in India

We are almost at the end of 2019 and are only a few days far from the 'New Year'. With the end of the year, one might get nostalgic about the incidents that took place throughout the year. So what could be better than having a precap of the entire year? Since we have already posted about the what happened on Twitter in India and about the most-mentioned politicians on Twitter, we are here with the list of emojis that made our tweet memorable and interesting. These are the top emojis used in 2019 by Indian users on Twitter.

Well, these emojis were used by users for different purposes and on discrete moments and incidents. So now let us take a look at the top emojis used on Twitter in India.

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1. Face With Tears Of Joy

It is used to show laughter, especially at a really funny joke or statement.


2. Folded Hands

This is used while asking a favour, pleading or showing gratitude.


3. Fire

This shows something is on fire. People mostly use it for expressing the metaphor such as if something or someone is 'hot'.


4. Smiling Face With Heart Shaped Eyes

It is used to show love, contentment and gratitude towards a person, place or towards a thing. People use it show their interest and love.


5. Smiling Faces With Sunglasses

This is used in a way to show smartness and cool attitude in a situation. Most people use it when it is their accomplishment or during a proud moment.


6. Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes

This was the sixth most used emojis on Twitter by the Indians. The emojis shows a broad smile and rosy cheeks. This means contentment and positive feelings.


7. Thumbs Up

This is a sign to show acceptance and agreement towards something.


8. Rolling On The Floor Laughing Face

It is used as the alternative of ROFL which is a quite popular Internet slang meaning roll on the floor while laughing.


9. Thinking Face

This is an emoji with yellow face, eyes looking upwards and the index and the thumb resting on the chin. This is used to show that the person is analysing something or is in deep thought. People often use it to scorn someone or something.


10. Beaming Face With Smiling Eyes

This is the tenth most used emojis used by Indians used on the Twitter. As you can see the emoji has a yellow face with a broad grin as if it was saying 'cheese' before being clicked by the camera. This emoji is used to show happiness.

We hope you enjoyed going through the list of the most-used emojis in 2019 by Indians on Twitter.

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