WTF! Man Gets Leech Pulled Out From Nose After 2 Weeks; Video!

With internet giving us access to many happenings around the world, there are 'n' number of disgusting things that you can find online.

From bizarre satisfying videos of pimple popping to people doing acrobats on roof-tops, these viral videos can make one cringe! Here, we bring you one such video where a man had a leech removed from his nose after 2 long weeks! Yikes!!


Hell, yeah! You read that right! A leech was living in a man's nose for two long weeks and he did not realise the actual cause for the bleeding nose that he had started suffering from of late!

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Check out the video at the end of the article if you are gutsy enough and if not, read the horrendous details of this bizarre case!

He Was Bleeding For 10 Long Days!

Apparently, the 51-year-old patient had been suffering from continuous nosebleeds for 10 long days! He was ignoring his health condition, as he expected it to become normal. But his condition deteriorated with each passing day.

His Wife Checked His Condition

The man's wife knew something serious was wrong. To find the actual cause, the wife saw something 'peek' out of his nose. On the second look again, that 'something' had appeared and seemed to disappear suddenly!

The Doctors Found The Cause!

The doctors performed a nasal endoscopy on the patient and on closer examination, the parasite was seen to be lodged in the nostril. The doctors decided to capture the entire removal procedure on video while the operation was being performed.

The Leech Was 4-cm Long!

The video shows the slow extraction of the weird-looking creature. Once the leech was pulled out, it was measured and was found to be at least 4 inches long. To scare the viewers more, the doctor was seen proudly holding the parasite out for display, while it tried to wriggle itself free from the clutches of the tweezer! Eww!

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The Video!
So, if you are gutsy enough, go ahead and check the video link shared below.

Wish to read any such bizarre updates, let us know in the comment section below.

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