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    Scary Video Of Well Sinking In Like It Was Never There!

    When nature gets angry, there is very little that one can do. There is nothing that escapes the wrath of natural calamities, and this is something very scary as humankind cannot beat the power of nature.

    One such natural calamity has been captured on video where the water well is seen sinking below. This reminds us that mother nature's anger can be the worst as the entire well sinks within minutes and it looks like there was nothing out there!

    video of well vanishing in India

    Here, we bring in more details about the entire episode caught on camera!

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    This is the terrifying moment when the water well sinks entirely into the ground in less than a minute.

    People are seen recording the entire episode as the perimeter of the well is seen first caving in within a few minutes, and in no time the whole concrete circular well also seems to collapse into the ground and vanish into a pool of water below.

    According to reports, this entire episode happened in Ambukuthi village in the Wayanad district in South India. The well was apparently a famous landmark in the area, and it was pretty old and people fondly called it 'Muthassi Kinar' which means granny's well.

    Residents said the well sunk due to heavy monsoon rains. Eyewitnesses reveal that people gathered around when a strange sound started coming from inside the well. As many people gathered near the well, it sunk right in front of their eyes.

    Though it is not a rare phenomenon for old wells to cave in during the heavy rains, capturing this event on camera is very rare.

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