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    You Need To Thank These 'Bhaiyas' Of Our Lives!

    Have you ever imagined how many different types of 'Bhaiyas' there are in our lives? We are here to share the details of the different kinds of bhaiyas that we need to thank whom we come across in our daily lives!

    We cannot agree less than this that most of our work is done by these bhaiyas. From bringing in the morning packet of milk for our coffee dose to the bhaiya who drops us late night, we have them all.

    You Need To Thank These Bhaiyas Of Our Lives!

    This article is written on a lighter note and we are here to just thank these guys whom we never appreciate or ignore the importance in our lives.

    We've listed a few bhaiyas of our lives and we bet, you can totally get connected to them! And if you didn't find your favourite bhaiya in the list, then surely do let us know in the comment section below...


    The “Xerox Wale” Bhaiya!

    Oh, how can we forget this bhaiya who made photocopies for our notes from the Library books for us. The gossip time with our friends mostly made us ignore them back then. Well, thank you bhaiyas for helping us clear our papers!


    The “Canteen Wale” Bhaiya!

    The fun of eating maggi or the chai pakoda even with empty pockets was a different thing and repaying these bhaiyas and yet asking them for a little discount made our bond with these bhaiyas even stronger. Thank you bhaiya for taking care of our extra urge of eating food at odd hours!

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    The “Guard Wale” Bhaiya!

    How can we forget this bhaiya who stands at the college door and never lets any outsider enter until they are given permission to do so! Our days in college generally started with a bright "Good Morning" from these bhaiyas. Thanks bhaiya for being generous and helping us out in sneaking from college and letting us make memories as well!


    The “Cab/Auto Wale” Bhaiya!

    When we realised how easy it was to travel with these bhaiyas even before we got our own vehicle, we must not forget to thank them now. Their sweet gesture of telling us a thank you after we rate their ride as a 5 star on the app sure makes their day. Thanks bhaiya for making our transport easy!

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    The “Office Wale” Bhaiya!

    Be it getting our desk cleaned or asking for the extra cup of coffee, we often depend on these bhaiyas! They do see us and help us when we are stressed the most. Well, thank you bhaiya for going an extra mile and doing the extra work that we give you!


    The “Sabzi Wale” Bhaiya!

    Though we buy grocery from the store, picking up veggies from the local sabzi wale bhaiya is different! They give us the extra tomatoes and onions or even coriander too, for free! Well, thank you bhaiya for just being around and giving us discounts with our weekly purchase!

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    The “Doodh Wale” Bhaiya!

    For the morning kick-start what better way than starting our day with the share of coffee or tea? These bhaiyas make our lives so easy. Thanks bhaiya for being the supplier of our daily dose of mood booster!

    Did we miss including any other bhaiya? Let us know in the comment section below.

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