Muslim Man Broke His Fast To Save Life Of A Hindu!

This piece of article will bring out the Indian side of you today, where you would feel proud of being an Indian and how united we are, even in times where people are trying to create fights in terms of religion and a lot!

Here, in this article, we are revealing to you details about a special case where a man named Arif Khan went a step ahead and proved that being a human is more important, by breaking his fast to donate blood.

Muslim Man Broke His Fast To Save Life Of A Hindu!

Check out the inspiring story of the man who opened his fast for this noble cause.

The Patient

Ajay Bijlawan was hospitalised in an extremely serious condition at a city hospital. Apparently, his platelet count had gone down and it had infected his liver. His platelet count was rapidly falling down and needed an immediate blood transfusion, for which his family started sending messages across to people on social media.

He Received The Information Through Whatsapp

Arif Khan received information about Ajay Bijlawan through whataspp, in which his family had revealed details of the blood group and even had mentioned Ajay's dad's phone number, which Arif contacted later.

The Moment He Knew It Was Genuine...

Arif, who is also the President of the National Association for Parents and Students Rights, is the resident of Sahastradhara Road, Dehradun. He took no extra second to waste when he realised that the message was authentic and went ahead to the hospital to donate blood.

He Had A Hurdle

Since Ramzan is going on, Arif was told by the doctors that he had to eat something before he opened his fast, as it was necessary and he could not donate blood without eating anything.

Arif Revealed

Arif revealed about his act and claimed: "If somebody's life could be saved by breaking my Roza (fast), then I will put humanity first, Rozas (fasts) can be kept later, and human life is precious". He further said, "Helping the needy is essential teachings of Ramzan, I believe if we keep fast and do not help the needy then Allaah won't be happy, it is my honour that I could help someone".

Humanity Restored!

This act of Arif makes us realise that humanity still exists and he is a true example of it. What is your take on this? Inspiring, isn't it? Let us know your thoughts on the same in the comment section below.

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