Real-life Story: She Was 5 Feet But Her Height Reduced To 2 Feet!

The first thing that we do after meeting with an accident is to check if we are all fine and are hurt anywhere. In that case, we tend to get ourselves treated with the best therapies ever and expect ourselves to bounce back in no time.

But there are those cases where the medication may go wrong or a bodily reaction may take place that could leave one cringing for a regular life.

bizarre real life story

One such is the case of a woman in India, who is believed to be suffering from a rare condition where her height reduced from 5 feet to just 2 feet in the past 25 years!

Check out this bizarre story of Shanti Devi and how her height reduced over a period of time!

She Is From Kanpur

She is Shanti Devi, a 60-year-old woman living in Dharu village of Kanpur. She has become an internet sensation for a unique reason. Since the past 25 years, her height has been continuously reducing. It is reported that after an accident, her wounds were filled; but her height has now become only 2 feet, which was earlier recorded as 5 feet.

She Had A Regular Life Before The Accident

It is reported that Shanti Devi had a regular life before the accident. Apparently, one of the portions of the roof fell down on her and she was badly injured during the incident. She was taken to the hospital by her husband Gangacharan Kushwaha and others for the treatment and she returned after getting treated for her wounds.

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She Complained Of Pain

Once she was back home after the treatment, she complained of pain in her bones. Her son Vimalsh took her to the doctor and consulted. Apparently, the doctor prescribed her some medicine, after which her height started reducing.

The Changes Were Seen In Just 4 Months!

Within 4 months of taking the prescribed medicine, Shanti's height started reducing by half feet initially. Then, she consulted several other doctors; but her problem was never solved. Now after 25 years, she is only two feet in height.

According To The Doctors

Doctors reveal that Shanti Devi is suffering from osteoporosis, which was not recognised in the initial stages. Apparently, this condition happens due to the lack of the oestrogen hormone in women.

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People Visit Her

While she is suffering from a painful condition, people find it amusing and visit her from various parts of the country just to click pictures with her!

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    Story first published: Saturday, May 26, 2018, 13:01 [IST]
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