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    Things That “Sanskari” Women Would Never Do!

    By Needhi Gandhi

    India is a country of divergence and denial and it is true that the people in India have a general belief and they always generalise on everything.

    The most common victims of it are Indian women. Even today, when most of us are well educated, Indian women are still bound by the stringent norms of the society.

    There is a very common saying in most of our families, "your brother is a man he can talk and say whatever he wants, but you are a woman, you should not talk much. If you talk too much, they might find out that you are more intelligent and educated than the guy and we would not be able to find the right match for you. You would not be getting married. What will we do?"

    At times, it seems like a woman was born just to help her parents find the right guy and get married to him. Even after all this, if you try to break the rules and do something new, then you will be called ill-mannered and uncultured.

    Here is a list of things that our society considers a crime for Indian women to do. These are the things "sanskari" women would never think of doing, continue reading to know about these.


    Do Not Wear Anything Above Your Knee-length

    In India, you will be judged based on the way you dress. So, according to most people to be decent, an Indian woman has to keep her legs covered. If you are seen wearing shorts, you will be called a "besharam ladki" (shameless woman).

    Covering your legs is a must if you are an Indian woman and if you are visiting any church or temple in India. Western dress codes are a "no-no" for Indian women in rural areas too.


    Say Bye Bye To Late Nights

    If you are a woman and you are from India, then always keep this in mind, "you should get back home before it is too late in the night". Most of us have heard of this very often from our parents and by this they always meant that we should be back home in our bedroom or living room or anywhere; but in your home within 9 PM at night.

    Your neighbours will look at with suspect if one day they spot you getting inside your house at midnight or after that. So, no late night parties and no sleepovers, girl!

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    You Should Not Abuse; You Simply Can’t Abuse

    Did you just use slang? Seriously?? If you are an Indian woman and you abuse, your upbringing and schooling will be questioned. Parents would never want to see their daughter abusing others, this is definitely not what a "sanskari" girl would do!


    Do Not Have Guy Friends

    Is that a guy with you in the picture? Guy friend? You are having a guy friend or a boyfriend? Are we sending you to college to study or make guy friends? This is something Indian parents are always worried about!

    Others in our society will simply make an assumption and you will be called an uncultured woman just because you have a guy friend. It is almost considered a crime for girls to roam around with boys, even to this day, in a few parts of India.

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    You Should Not Work After Marriage

    In India, it is understood that women would manage the household chores and the man would work and earn a living. However, these days, we also see women making a successful career for themselves, yet the question of who is going to manage household chores still occurs. And a "sanskari" girl under such circumstances is bound to take up household work rather than making a career for herself. Many families are also against sending their daughters-in-law to work after marriage.

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    Story first published: Saturday, January 13, 2018, 13:00 [IST]
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