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With A Single Date She Was Obsessed With Him And Wanted To Bathe In His Blood!

What is the worst experience have you ever experienced on an online date if you have had any? From listening to creepy fetish thoughts to having a bad date, a lot can be expected, but this case is something that crosses all the limits!

This is the case of a woman who sent over 65,000 messages and she freaked the man after she threatened him that she would bathe in his blood if he ever left her.

Check out more details on this bizarre case of why the woman sent 65,000 messages and threatened to bathe in the man's blood.

They Met On An Online Site

It is reported that the woman met the man on an online dating site, after which she realised that there are many similarities between them, which includes the same birthday and the fact that they are vegetarians. The woman is said to have become obsessed, and they had a connection to the number 33, which meant that they were destined for Cupid's arrow!

She Discovered Love

She claims that she is the person who "discovered love". She revealed that finding love does not mean that everything is perfect. Instead, it is a journey. And she wanted to apologise because nobody could ever be more sorry than what she felt.

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Her Texts Read...

"Oh what would I do w ur blood! ... Id wanna bathe in it." These were the scary texts that she started sending the man when he stopped contacting her, as he felt the woman was clingy and insane, since she sent him texts continuously.

She Claims She Sent Less Texts!

When she was questioned on why she sent so many texts to the man, she claimed that she had sent him the messages because she did not "want him to leave her" as she loved him truly.

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She Was So Obsessed With Him!

The woman was so obsessed with the man that she barged into his house when he was away and was found taking shower in his bathtub and she was arrested later. It was reported that a large butcher knife was also discovered in the passenger seat of her vehicle as well.

She Thinks She Is Innocent!

She claims that she loves him innocently, as she believes that she is the one who discovered real love.

Currently, she is under arrest and an inquiry is going on.

What do you think, do you wish to be stalked in this way? Share your thoughts on the same in the comment section below.

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