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Pictures That Prove Depression Has 'No Face'

Depression is a serious disease and there is no way that one can find out about the person's condition, as the there are no particular signs of proving a person being depressed or not!

Here, in this article, we bring to you the list of images that will make you skip your heartbeat, as these individuals seem to look all happy and smiling. However, these are the individuals who have been fighting with their inner demons on a daily basis.

These are the images which were either clicked by themselves or their loved ones in which they seem to look completely casual and happy.

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When you take a closer look at these images, you will realise that depression really does not have a face! We bet, some of these happy faces are going to get stuck in your mind for a while!

Check out the stories where people have shared their experiences.

She Seems To Have A Casual Look!

Can you imagine that she is suffering from a mental illness? You would believe it only when you read what she feels about her ownself and when she is faking to the world by using makeup and other things to hide her sad story!

Her Sparkling Eyes!

When you look at her picture, there is no slightest doubt that you would get which can say that this pretty girl is sad and depressed. One needs to be brave enough about being depressed and sharing their set of feelings with the world, just like her!

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Being Open About Depression

She clearly seems to be happy with her baby around. There are many who would just press the love button when they would see the picture. It is the description which she has shared, which will leave you confused, as you would try to figure out why she is so depressed!

She Looks So Normal!

Look at her face! Can you imagine that this pretty girl is also suffering from depression? When she shared her story, there are those individuals too who expressed about being depressed!

The Suicidal Tendencies

Depression can often lead to having suicidal thoughts. This will not necessarily appear on the face of a person; but it will be deep embedded within him or her. And she is a perfect example of the depression face!

Can You Imagine, This Smiling Face Was His Last Picture?

The man in this picture was in all smiles when he was out with his family on a vacation. His wife shared this picture to show to the world that depression really does not have any face!

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Story first published: Wednesday, February 14, 2018, 19:28 [IST]
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